Today, most students rely on essay writing service to submit their assignments in schools and universities. However, many students have fallen victim to fraudulent activities over the years, and they ended up losing both money and grades. Thus, you have to be cautious before you decide to avail of academic assistance.

1.Top-Notch Write-ups

When the professors sit down to check the essays, the first thing they notice is the title. If it isn’t intriguing, they lose interest after two to three pages. Thus, experts should choose interesting topics. Moreover, they should provide top-notch write-ups to spark the interest of the readers. The word choice should be impeccable, and the content should be lively.

One way you can make sure about the quality of the content is to go through the samples section. And, you can also browse through the feedback provided by the students who have already availed their service.

2. Authentic Formatting

The next aspect that you should look out for is whether the experts stick to an authentic template for writing the essay. A legitimate essay structure helps in organizing the content and also enhances the visibility of the essay.

essay structure

Moreover, you should see to it that the writers consider the instructions that you provide them. The teachers like to see their notes or guidelines in the essay. In order to achieve good grades, you have to pay heed to what they say.

3. Detailed Insight into the Subject Matter

Over 70% of students dislike doing their assignments. The main reason is that they resent the idea of putting in the extra effort to make the essay or other academic papers compelling. If you are one of those students, you should hire professional experts as they are proficient in conducting extensive research work.

An experienced writer goes through various journals, websites, blog posts, etc. to collect vital data. And, they furnish the essay with graphs, facts, statistics, and much more. This, you must ensure when you scrutinize the samples.

4. Appropriate Citations

You should check whether the experts offer optimum assignment assistance by citing different sources. The writers should be aware of the different referencing styles like APA, MLA, Harvard, Oxford. Most importantly, they should be able to cite all the traditional and non-traditional sources.

Citations make essays legitimate. This proves that you have backed up your statements by an already existing theory or example.  This is one of the most curial aspects that the experts should be familiar with.

5. On-time Delivery

You can consider an essay writing service to be the best, only if the experts are responsible and they hand over the tasks well within the deadline. This criterion narrows the list down. There are only a handful of academic service providers that stick to this policy like much more.

An essay writing service should provide timely assistance so that the students do not lose marks for a late submission. Moreover, they can also go through the write-up before they submit to see if any modification is required.

6. Inexpensive Service

A legitimate essay writing service will never charge you an excessive price. A great trademark of the authentic websites is to keep the service rates low so that every student can afford the service. If you browse the Internet for academic assistance, steer clear of the sites that demand high prices.

Some of the websites even offer free facilities if you ask the experts to write the entire essay for you. These facilities involve free proofreading, free plagiarism report, and much more. Before you make a final decision, you must shortlist the educational service providers and get a quote from each service. Compare them to each other and see which website offers the most affordable essay writing assistance.

7. Attractive Discounts and Offers

This criterion is not a deal-breaker, but for many students, it might be. Students already have to bear immense expenses as it is, and they are under financial pressure. If you are one of those students, you should look for academic service providers offering bulk order discounts, seasonal discounts, and limited-time offers.

Also, if you browse through the different essay writing services, you will come across other impressive offers like referral bonuses. If you refer your friends to the essay writing services, you get a lucrative commission. Again, you will get to see such features. Moreover, it depends on the place you are residing in.

8. Proofreading Service

Every essay writing service should offer proofreading assistance. Unless your essays are flawless, you can’t expect the teachers to offer you free grades, right? Thus, the experts should rectify the grammatical, spelling, punctuation errors. They should even rephrase the statements if they find better words to convey the same meaning.

In addition to this, scholars should simplify sentence complexity. When you go through the samples, check whether they keep each sentence within 20 words or not. And while you are on it, make sure that the experts keep each paragraph restricted to three or four sentences.

9. Plagiarism Checking

As per The Centre for Academic Integrity, it was found that 80% of the university and college students cheat (at least once). However, if you get caught, you will not only lose valuable marks but also be accused of academic dishonesty. So, it is essential that you get your essays checked twice or thrice before you submit because you might have plagiarism.

academic essay structure

The experts associated with legitimate essay writing services write the content from scratch. In spite of that, they get it checked using sophisticated plagiarism checking software. So, if you are on the lookout for essay writing assistance, make sure that the websites offer plagiarism checking.

10. Unlimited Revisions

Finally, you must ensure whether educational service providers are offering modification facilities or not. If the students are dissatisfied with the standard of writing, or they want to get a fact altered, they should be allowed to place a revision request. And, it is the duty of the experts to make the changes accordingly.

In this regard, you should check which essay writing service is offering free revision and for what duration. Also, see to it that the experts are responsible enough to hand over the tasks within the deadline, preferably within 24 hours.

If you get positive answers to all the criteria specified above, you have the best essay writing service at your disposal. Hopefully, you will face no further issues and get a compelling essay written by the experts.