Have you ever heard of a situation where the creation turns out to be more perfect than the creator? Or when the creation starts teaching the creator on how to achieve perfection? Sounds weird, but it is a reality.

If you are an atheist, then you would probably love this statement, and if you are a theist, then you might find some humor and it might strengthen your faith much deeper.

The Creation

The creation mentioned above is referred to as the educational applications for students and the creator is referred to as the developers. A simple understanding but yet needed to be explained.

Anyways, how mind-boggling it is that humans can create perfection but can’t achieve perfection, even though perfection seems to be a myth. That’s a deep discussion for some other time.

With this being said, here are 12 educational apps for students.

1. YouTube

Of course, why would this be left out? It is first in the list because there is no such free online educational institute, as huge as YouTube. Change My Mind!

YouTube is one of the best apps for students for educational purposes. No matter if it is learning how to cook, wash clothes, academic lectures, exam tips and even changing the tires or build a house deep in the depths of the woods for your Bohemian grove or Heaven’s gate party, YouTube has all the answers.

2. Grammarly

Definitely the most needed one in today’s era. Yes, we all are passing through our universities with the help of such software. But it is more about learning, where we as students get to improve our grammar and learn the art of structuring our wordings and vocabulary.

It is said that the best and long-lasting learning, comes from self-studying and self-experiencing, depending upon the student’s capabilities.

3. StudyBlue

This is a website, or a web app as could be said, which allows students to get class study materials in case they have missed any lecture. Students are able to upload and update their class material for sharing with students, all within their homes.

Students can also exercise from quizzes within that website according to categories of subjects. Apart from that, if there is a group study required, then StudyBlue allows notes to be shared in the cloud storage and connects a network of students who can study together with the same notes displayed.

This is also a mobile app and functions with the same features on mobile.

4. Khan Academy

A perfect education tool for students, which provides personalized learning, where short educational videos on various courses are accessible for learning. It gives students a chance to test themselves by conducting a practical assessment with exercise materials, as the study resources are free. Also, it tracks the progress of learning and maintaining the schedule.

5. DreamBox

This app is for students from elementary to secondary school and is focused specifically on math. It is an app which provides attractive animated videos for students to learn through visuals, It is a fact that young students learn faster and remember longer through visuals. This is a great approach for better learning.

6. DuoLingo

This app is best for learning different languages. It includes over 38 languages for learning and contains 90 different courses. It offers a self-assessment test to make sure the student has understood and cleared the basic concepts of any applied language.

7. My Molecularium

An app that makes science and chemistry fun. Through the use of fun games and visuals, it makes subjects like chemistry and their formulas, easily understandable.

8. ClassDojo

This is a virtual classroom app, where the students can learn from their home. It allows interaction not only with students but also the parents by notifying and keeping them updated on the study progress and whatever is going on in the classrooms through sharing photos, videos, and messages.

9. Cited

A citation generating app, which allows over 7,500 styles of bibliography. Just add your research or any assignment work, select the format you would like, and press create. The Cited app will create multiple citations and bibliographies of your work.

10. Coggle

Possibly one of the best self cheap essay writing service UK a student can get, as this app displays mind mapping of creative ideas which is helpful for creative academic coursework like essays or even assignments. This app basically modifies your ideas and polishes it into something much better. It enables students to broaden their knowledge through these ideas and write the whole essay based on it, no matter the word limit.

11. HubSpot Topic Generator

As the name suggests, it is a topic generator for anyone trying to write, whether for academic purposes or just for writing a simple informal blog. It functions through typing in three words and the app will generate a topic.

This can be a good consideration for students, looking to buy essay or dissertation topics for their academics.

12. Brain. Fm

This app uses artificial intelligence for selecting music to improve attention while you are either writing or studying. The music selections are scientifically designed to improve the focus while performing any academic task. This is a new and innovative way to keep students focused on their studies and has proven to increase attention just within fifteen minutes of use.

Other than that, it can also be used for meditation, sleep, or simply for relaxation.

Does it still feel like I would rather pay someone to write my essay instead of listening to music and writing the whole essay by myself, in a fully relaxed and enjoyable mode? Seems like a challenging decision.


Before downloading any of these apps, you should check for their availability on different processing systems like Android, iOS, and even windows. Apart from that, these apps are some of the best for not only the academic requirements but can also be used for general information, where some of them can even be used for marketing purposes as well.