Spreadsheets have made life with numbers a lot easier and manageable. With the digitalization and the advancement of technology, today, numbers, data, charts, budgets, etc., can be created, viewed, edited, and shared as electronic workbooks. With data analysis, accounting, finance, or any other field, you can compute and balance them out through the use of Excel software. 

However, with all the data in the spreadsheet, it is sometimes burdensome to open an Excel file if you just want to have a quick scan or review its content. Also, some excel sheets do not open the same way in other devices, which is a crucial issue that must be considered because some data in the file can be very important, so it is vital that the users have the same content for them to be on the same page. A great thing we can now convert our excel files to PDF for a smoother file sharing experience!

What are PDF files?

PDF files or Portable Document Format is a “read-only” file, meaning it can only be viewed and readers can’t modify its content. This type of file is portable because it can be accessed anytime, anywhere by almost all devices and internet browsers. Now with PDF, people can easily upload, download, share, open and print files. A turning point in file-sharing!

And because some excel files hold important and private data, PDF files can be helpful for viewing, for they can be protected with a password, allowing only limited people to read the file. Even with spreadsheets, PDF has been a standard file format for it! 

If you are finally considering shifting to reading your excel files via PDF, there are various options to convert Excel to PDF. Here are three easy and hassle-free methods!

  • Convert Excel Files to PDF Online

There is so much that you can do on the internet and opting for online tools is one of the most convenient and time-saving options for file conversion. 

As long as you are connected to the internet, there is no need to worry too much about it since the servers do most of the work for you. There are a lot of websites to choose from, but for starters, you can try out free sites that provide PDF-related tools. Sites such as PDF Bear, GogoPDF, ilovePDF, etc., offer services like conversion, file viewing, editing, organization, security, e-signing, and optimization.

These sites are accessible by any browser on any computer or mobile phone. There are also offline versions of those, which you can install on your desktop. And if you wish to use more of their tools and features, you can sign up for their premium membership and even give their free trial period a shot.

With just three easy steps, your excel file will be in PDF form and ready for download! To start with your file conversion, first, upload the excel file to the server. Click the Browse or Select Files button. Excel files in online storage sites like Dropbox and Google Drive can also be uploaded to the server. Or you can just simply drag and drop the file to the working area. The server will immediately process and convert the file upon upload. This will usually take a minute or less, depending on the file size and the internet connection. You will then be redirected to another page when the converted excel file is ready for download as a PDF. A Download button will appear, and you can choose whether to save to your device or your online storage, which you will have to sign in first.

What is impressive with these online PDF sites is that most of them generate a shareable link to make file sharing more convenient and easier. You can send the link to several people, and they will just have to click it to download the file. Another thing is that you can send the file directly via e-mail with you as the sender to a specific recipient with a personal message from you as well. Your spreadsheets can now be viewed and shared easily through this online method!

  • Save As PDF File in Excel Processor Softwares

You can also save your spreadsheets as a PDF in Excel processor software like Microsoft Excel and WPS, and it would only take a few simple steps.

For Windows users, after finalizing your spreadsheet and saving it as an excel file, go to the File menu tab in the top-left corner of the window. Click Export and proceed with Create/XPS Document. You will be then asked for your desired file location, so select where you wish the PDF file. Lastly, click the Publish button, which you can find in the bottom-right corner of the window. 

And for Mac PCs and laptops, export your excel files as PDF by also going to the File menu tab in the upper-left corner and then click Save As. Enter the file name you want in the text box and select the file’s location. You will see a File Format section, so choose PDF, and then click the Export button. 

You can find your now saved PDF files in the folder locations you selected. This offline method is very handy, especially if you just finished working on the spreadsheet. 

  1. Download Word File as PDF through Google Docs

This last one is another convenient and quick way to convert your excel files to PDF, especially if they are stored in online storage sites like Dropbox and Google Drive. 

Open your excel file in Google Sheets from your drive. Or go to the File menu tab, click Open and select your excel file. Once the file is loaded, go to the File menu tab again. This time, go to Download As and then click PDF. Your file will be saved directly to your device. 


Some excel files, especially those that do not need to be modified, are best viewed using PDF format. It is just easier, accessible, and convenient to scan through the data without worrying about misclicking or accidental typos. Sometimes, people just want to scroll with ease. Now that you know how to convert excel files to PDF, your file-sharing experience is going to be so much smoother and better!