Although most smartphone devices come with their default media players, sometimes these media players just don’t offer a good user experience. They don’t have the features and the level of file support that you want in a media player. These default media players also have restrictions and limitations for the file formats that they can play.  3rd Party mobile media players can help you get rid of all these issues and limitations. There are some amazing media players out there that you can get from Google Play Store to take your smartphone movies streaming experience to a whole new level. We are going to review some of these media players here in this article. 

Below are some of the best 3rd Party mobile media players that you can use for watching movies:  

  • MX Player 

MX Player is one of the oldest 3rd Party mobile media players that you can find out there. It has a free version with ads as well as a paid version that offers additional features. You can get both these versions straight from the Google Play Store. 

This media player offers you features like adding external subtitles, choosing from different audios or languages for the movie and so much more. It is simple and easy to use media player that offers a great user experience.  

  • KMPlayer

KMPlayer offers a lightweight solution for watching movies on smartphones. It has a desktop version as well. You can get this app free from Play Store and use it to stream the shows of your choice. KMPlayer supports a wide range of file formats for best performance. 

We recommend KMPlayer for people who want a basic yet effective solution for streaming movies on smartphone devices. This app is quite like the Moviesda web app in terms of its streaming features. This app offers support for subtitles as well as playback speed controls which make it stand out from the rest.    

  • VLC Media Player

VLC Media player is one of the most popular mobile media players in the entire world. It has been dominating the media players users base for many years now. And ever since the release of the android app version of VLC media player, it has become even more popular.

The android app for VLC player offers most of the features that you’d get on the PC version. The user interface is quite simple and interactive. The VLC media player supports most file formats that are available out there.     

  • Plex

Plex is an amazing media player for smartphone devices and it features a small file size with an awesome set of features. It is a paid mobile media player and offers many unique features like streaming content from the computer straight to the smartphone, that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Plex is a lightweight media player that won’t use a lot of your system resources. This app offers a better user experience than kissanime web app. With Plex, you will have awesome movies and TV shows streaming experience on your smartphone.    

  • Archos Video Player 

Archos Video Player offers an interactive user interface combined with impressive features like subtitle adding and so much more. We recommend this media player because of its amazing streaming features and a great user interface design. 

This media player accesses your media library and shows you the content on your phone in the most organized way. This media player offers you a smooth UI design that allows you to watch the shows of your choice in an impressive way.  

  • BSPlayer

BSPlayer offers a powerful streaming experience and can handle large file sizes with ease. With this media player for android devices, you can watch HD quality movies, without any kind of lag or audio issues. It offers subtitles support and support for multiple audios which is hard to find in most default smartphone media players.  

If you don’t have a mobile media player on your phone by default, then we recommend BSPlayer for you. Although it is a paid app, the price is worth the features.  

  • Kodi 

Kodi is an open-source app which is actually a complete media centre. This app turns your android phone to a media hub and allows you to access movies from your phone as well as offers online streaming features. 

Kodi comes with a wide range of features and benefits like playback, automatic sorting and so much more. The user experience of this media player is quite simple and smooth. All in all, Kodi offers amazing mobile streaming features that you just won’t find in other media players online. 

Final Words

There you have it! These are the best media players for smartphone devices that you can find out there. We have reviewed some of the best paid as well as free media players for you so you can make an informed decision. Check out these 3rd Party android media plyers for awesome movies streaming experience on your smartphone.