Thousands of individuals use Android smartphones nowadays. In certain ways, users possess more than a single Android computer, and there is always a need for you to monitor the other devices besides the one you got. Getting and utilizing some free software, you can conveniently monitor one machine with the other one.

You can never simply manage your own 2nd smartphone through these remote controller access tools, but also address your family, staff, and relatives’ issues, etc. by merely controlling their Android smartphone manually from your computer.

If you possess authorization to use it, this technique can be performed with certain free software that will allow you wireless control from another Android, and you would have complete right to use any of that smart phone’s operation. So, take a look at the following Best Remote Control Applications.


Any of you may be acquainted with this title because it is among the most common web sharing software, and the Ios edition of Team Viewer also allows you to control one Android smartphone from another. The user experience of this application is basic, and in order to have maximum network access to it utilizing this application, you still need “user ID” & “key” of some other Android phone.


  • Click and motion access (Windows 8 multi-touch supported)
  • Full features of the keyboard (specific keys such as Windows ®, Ctrl+Alt+Del)
  • FTP to File Conversion in both ways.
  • Actual-Time Transfer of sound and film.
  • Best levels of safety
  1. JOIN.ME is indeed a wonderful app that helps you to manage another Android from yours. This software is suitable for small business owners or team conversations.


  • Build a personal connection for you ( name)
  • Set a branded backdrop picture of your own,
  • During sessions, change presenters
  • In Settings, configure your background picture to
  • You can also use the desktop edition of

Also, RemoDroid is a really common cross-platform program that lets you do the same. RemoDroid is an application for virtual control that helps you to monitor one Android computer on any Phone, Mac or PC system. The software is currently in a trial state, which means that certain devices do not operate with it. The software is primarily for Android TV poles to be operated remotely, but it also fits well with a wide variety of Android smartphones and tablets.


  • Remote access (Android system and PC included).
  • Help for several devices.
  • Managing Links.
  • Wifi and 3 G (Web and Local system) 

Another decent app for remote connexions to several other Android devices or VNC servers is the VNC Monitor. VNC monitor offers many features such as Store preferences, link saving, zoom function, mouse and keyboard regulation, connecting to every system running a VNC database, and far more that you can get to learn for yourselves after trying it.


  • Links to every VNC database
  • Lots of adjustable functionality.
  • Can, as per your commands, configure controls
  • Fresh button for sending texts without recognizing texts.

ScreenShare allows videos, songs, images, websites and several kinds of files to be exchanged directly from your computer to your tablet. This application is delivered free of charge.


  • You can upload and activate material on your devices.
  • Browser with ScreenShare,
  • In order to keep your computer internet, you wouldn’t have to be in the Wi-Fi signal zone.
  • The smartest way is that this launch is complete and has no advertising. 

Inkwire Screen Sharing and Assistance is a well recognized and competent application that any Android device on this universe one can own. This application is accessible free of charge and arrives with a function for screen distribution. This software is used mostly as a demonstration guide to teaching people enough to use a particular functionality of the application.


  • The software is incredibly simple to use.
  • You would be able to paint the monitor after you get linked and would be able to direct the other guy.
  • It is possible to trigger the voice choice.
  • Used principally for customer service


All these applications are supportive of remote cell phone commands, most are configured to offer support from yet another Android computer, and others are fitted to do the exact thing from a PC. Nevertheless, without harming them, they allow the system to unrestricted control. In the post, a couple of applications from both divisions are explained. They all arrive with their benefits and pitfalls.

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