For a boxer, boxing gloves are essential. They protect your hands, knuckles, and fists from damage. Although punching and kickboxing gloves appear to be relatively similar, they differ significantly in shape, style, and cushioning. If you are about to start boxing, schedule a consultation with a professional and locate a reputable glove manufacturer such as Infinitude Fight to order your dream boxing gloves.

In this context, this blog might help you to consider the points while differentiating both kinds of gloves. So, let’s get into the details. 

1- Form and style:

Punch Boxing Gloves  

Every boxer’s primary weapon is their fist. Clenched fists pack a blow that is both forceful and dense. That is why most boxing gloves have rounded fingers – to aid in the formation of a more natural fist. Due to the critical nature of wrist protection, boxing gloves typically feature a bigger cuff region that is joined to the hands through lace or Velcro. The goal is to make the gloves seem as natural as possible as an extension of the forearms.

Of course, there are numerous variations in the shape of boxing gloves manufactured by various brands. For instance, some brands have a more rounded form, whereas others are significantly flatter. Additionally, some boxing gloves have a more inclined fist and a thinner wrist area. All popular boxing brands strive to reach an ideal stance with tightly clenched fists.

Punch boxing gloves have a weight distribution that is specifically designed for rapid combinations of powerful strikes, which separates them from kickboxing gloves.

Gloves for kickboxing

Although the shape of kickboxing gloves is similar to that of boxing gloves, there are some distinctions. For starters, kickboxing gloves are more square and less rounded in appearance. They are less aerodynamic than other types of gloves, and they make rapid combinations more difficult. Due to the fact that these gloves are not designed for boxing, the majority of them have a somewhat open palm and a smaller cuff for increased flexibility. Unlike most punching gloves, Kickboxing gloves lack a mesh region in the palms, which is one of its distinguishing qualities.

2- Padding:

Punch boxing gloves

Boxers mainly use their fists to hit their opponent repeatedly. As previously stated, this places a great deal of strain on the knuckles, which is why boxing gloves are typically constructed with an abundance of protective padding in this zone.

The majority of boxing gloves lack padding around the palms and wrists. However, lace-up gloves may have a little extra padding to compensate for the lack of natural support provided by a strap of the Velcro.

Gloves for kickboxing

In comparison to punching gloves, kickboxing gloves have an even distribution of padding. Although these gloves lack the thumb and knuckle padding found in boxing gloves, the glove is heavily padded on the back of the hand. That is because kickboxing fighters require increased protection from the powerful kicks they employ to defeat their opponent.

3- Flexibility:

Punch boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are pretty rigid compared to kickboxing gloves, which is fine, as they serve as a natural hand extension.  They’re designed in such a way that the wrist does not flex when throwing a punch. That is why punching gloves have larger-sized cuffs. Even the wrist area is significantly more snug than on other gloves.

Gloves for kickboxing

The best way to tell a kickboxing glove apart from a boxing glove is to perform a flexibility test. Simply open your gloved hand. If you discover that it is too rigid, it is most likely a boxing glove. Kickboxing gloves are much more flexible and less stiff when clenching the fist than punching gloves. The simple science underlying its creation is that kickboxing is a sport that entails clinching and kicking. Grabbing your partner is a necessary component of this style of battle. A fighter’s flexible gloves and movements enable them to clinch and even catch their opponent’s kicks. That is why these gloves lack a grip bar – to maximize flexibility. The ease with which kickboxing gloves open and close is a crucial attribute that distinguishes them from punch boxing gloves.

Cap up lines: 

In a nutshell, you can say that punching gloves are technically different from kickboxing gloves. The basic reason is that both are used for different purposes. Thus, it would not be appropriate to be mistaken in the selection because the wrong selection can lead you to some serious injury. Keep this point in mind while buying boxing gloves, that a professional suggestion can help you in getting the right size and style of glove for specific martial art.