All I can think of when you talk about an exciting startup is something that has some unique products in terms of the existing startup scenario. There are several successful startups I want to list for you, but success is not synonymous with interest.

Here are just just a few of the successful startups in India.

1. Uncanny Vision: CCTV goes Smart

This startup is located in India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore, which is in the business of connecting surveillance cameras to “see” and “understand” the environment using AI and in-depth learning algorithms instantly. Uncanny Surveillance is a startup software that can identify and recognize many extended attributes concerning individuals, vehicles, and items captured in surveillance cameras.

Uncanny Vision

Ranjith Parakkal is the founder of Uncanny vision, and he has 17+ years of experience in computer vision and image processing. His startup has successfully raised $500,000 from the Japanese Global IoT Venture (GITV), The Rebright Partners, and The Manipal Community.

The working of the product

Take into account the condition of CCTV. Say, several appropriate acts you take in an ATM to withdraw money are carried out to get your money. It doesn’t count as a regular or relevant activity to tinker with or attempt to open the computer. In this situation, the exceptional Surveillance fitted CCTV automatically detects this incident as a possible issue and allows for rapid intervention.

2. Get My Parking:  App-based Parking Management System

A dedicated car parking in the public premises has become a headache for the car owners. They need space to avoid receiving the penalty for putting the car in the right place. Perhaps the reason why there is a need for an app that can help owners to find the parking space.

Get My Parking

And this is precisely the problem that My Parking app solves. It is an interesting company that addresses such questions that many of you will face every day. This business digitalizes the parking economy.

Get My Parking has digitized more than 300 parking lots with 800 + computers a day running 65000 transactions. The fast adoption of the solution that this startup has built speaks volumes of the parking field’s rising problems.

The Working Model:

This app’s technology helps simplify the parking problems by digitizing the whole process from ticketing to auditing. Users can receive information about the nearby location through an app for the parking lot, parking spaces available, ticket prices such that overcharges are avoided. Get My Parking allows park staff to maintain the parking lot, the cashless network for payment, revenue control, accounting, and auditing digitally.

3. Business Professional Services for Compliance

The post-pandemic businesses have moved beyond the brick and mortar to offer everything online. And now, this includes getting services like private limited company registration to filing GST returns online. The compliance is getting online, which means the businesses will not need to follow the bureaucratic routes. This is where creates a difference by offering simple, affordable, and transparent services to the startups and SMEs for getting the compliance done.

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The Business Model:

It is like just another eCommerce store, albeit for services. You can visit their site and order from the bouquet of services to avail. Their key offerings are private company registration, trademark registration, LLP registration, Import Export Code registration, FSSAI licensing, GST registration and filing, etc. There are assorted packages of different types of services as well for the businesses to choose from. Meaning, you can have add-ons like GST filing, free CA/CS consultation, annual compliance, etc. with different packages.

4. Farms: Near Field Soil Testing Service 

Farms is an early-stage startup, committed to building a mobile-based near-field soil testing and fertilizer recommendation platform. The TG is small and marginal farmers that help them to make informed decisions about fertilizer usage. It offers a compact solution to provide quick but reliable soil testing services that can be taken around anywhere in the country, with village-level entrepreneurs, which is what the startup wants to achieve.


The Working Method:

The working is quite simple. It operates on a mobile-based color detection system that consists of a phone. An add-on considers the solution as input and reads the color to give a quantitative nutrient concentration value. The service would essentially be charged on a per-test basis, which would be somewhere ranging between Rs—50-100 for five parameters (NPK, pH, EC) and recommendation.

5. Speech to Text at 99% accuracy

In addition to English, there are seven other regional languages that can process. It is built as a device that allows voice recognition and translation of languages into speech, a feature none of the tech majors could duplicate. Take Amazon Alexa’s case in India. It can understand only Hindi and some regional language phonetics, and only Indian English. Now, if this startup succeeds when its API in Alexa devices is implemented – boom! In a diverse (linguistic) region, like India, Alexa will have more penetration.

Three IIT Kharagpur passes Subodh Kumar, Kishore Mundra, and the three IIT passes were initiated, and the trio decided to overcome difficult technical difficulties and to make something both useful and fun. That’s how was brought to 2014.

The initial funding for the startup was supported by friends in Hong Kong and Singapore as well as unrevealed funding from the company.

The startup began last year’s English and Hindi API speech and this year’s regional language APIs. “We are now in a respectable state of traction with approximately two million API hits a day in 10 languages. We are partners in relationships with ten big vertical customers who carry our product to the crowd,” Kumar said.

The business has a broad presence from a variety of different fields – e-commerce, OEM, speech analytics, robotics, and consumer applications.


There will be new businesses that cater to pandemic-focused solutions. There is 10 businesses that you can start during Covid-19 to address the crisis situation. The coming times are testing for sure, but the right timing and strategy can do wonders even in tough times. Focus more on business synergies and innovation, as this will lead to success in the longer run.