All those people who are reading, chances are high that they want to begin their journey as a course creator. Let’s learn how to sell courses online.

My experience with many course creators has given me insights extremely valuable for someone who is considering launching an online course. You might have heard a few of them. Some of them might seem overhyped too. But, trust me it’s not.

Let’s dig right in!


You most definitely need an email list

Let me portray this clearly, an email list is an absolute necessity. You NEED to have one. Without it, launching a successful online course seems like a distant dream.

If you don’t have one now, just consider building it from NOW on. You at least need something before you begin building your online course. It’s blunt, yet important that you know this. It’s better to not want you to join the ranks of many people who spend months building a course, only to land 0 sales.

Among someone with 25k Instagram followers, a few thousand YouTube subscribers & an email list of 2k. Who is most likely to generate the most sales?

The one with a 2k email list.

Choosing an all-in-one course hosting platform is worth it

Whenever a budding course creator first gets started with their online course, they spend a lot of time exploring the various options available. These options finally get narrowed down. I’ll save you the first major step.

So much work goes into the nuances of launching a full-fledged online course. From creating course content to creating a marketing plan & managing sales. You can save the trouble of scratching your head for everything related to technology.  Choose an online course platform like Spayee to help you create, market & launch your online course website within minutes.

Discounts drive more sales than bonuses

This one is a psychological reason & honestly self-explanatory.

Understandably, discounts are bound to drive a lot more sales, than adding free bonuses on will.

Hence, you need to strategically plan your pricing structure without destroying the perceived value of your product. On spayed, for example, you can set up multiple pricing & validity variants to attract different sets of audiences.

Sending HIGH emails

During a course launch, it is advisable to send 2-3 emails before enrollment opens to build anticipation. Later, follow up with another 9-11 during the initial 7 day enrollment period.

Don’t be nervous or hesitant about sending emails. They are the foundation of your course launch.

If you’re worried about spamming your subscribers, just an “opt-out” option within the Email.

Preparing content in advance will be a Lifesaver

From preparing the course outline to preparing the content marketing plan. Preparing content in advance would simplify the process for you. Just do the thinking in the initial period. Later on, you would be good to go without involving yourself too much in every step forward. Launch an online course platform that provides value to your target audience.