We live in the 21st century with technology surrounding every inch of our lives. Can you imagine your life without Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Two decades ago, things were different, but now? Social media has become a digital organ. From connecting friends to marketing tools, social media has surpassed all barriers.

Smartphones are binged with built-in apps and downloadable ones from the app store and so on. But what influence does the use of social media have on our lives?

This is the Age of Millennials!

Generation Z is under the heavy influence of social media. For better or for worse, the issues always find their space in the younger generation. The excessive use of social media has led to the rise of insecurities but on the other hand, has also given rise to businesses too.

Avoiding horror stories about teens and social media is possible only if you are able to resist a certain impulse. Even being a millennial you can become a good digital citizen.

But how? You need to remember a few good pointers to make the right choices.

You Control Your Feed

Whatever you scroll, you are in control of your search. The automatic analysis records everything. For instance, if you constantly search the jewelry page and scroll through the latest bracelets design then the most feeds on the search will be related to jewelry especially the bracelets.

Since you are in charge of the content you can use social media to view the content that will uplift your mood and positivity instead of giving birth to insecurities. It’s best to manage the feed and unfollow or delete the accounts that have no authenticity or spreads negativity. Remember, the social media app’s goal is to hook you and make you want to spend more time using it, so better make it productive.

Purpose of Using Time Screen

Mindless scrolling will take you nowhere. Instead of becoming a house of depression or consciousness, you need to stop for a second. Brainstorm some ideas that will help you remain focused when using social media.

For instance, you can follow the DIY tutorials, these are actually quite helpful tricks you can learn and use in your daily life. Finding something of purpose will be extremely helpful to pass your time productively. If you have skills like cooking, baking, or writing you can make the most use of it using social media. This way you can earn and rather be productive than being an idol.

Make it Your Portfolio

Social media is the latest portfolio for professionals. It showcases your character and is a skillful and artistic way of representing the best skills of an individual. You can share the things you are passionate about and promote a positive lifestyle and influence on people and be influenced by such people.

You can document your achievements in your care and share them in a creative way. This way you can connect with the right contacts. Like LinkedIn is a platform for the professional to interact with each other. The mutual connections and feeds are the way of staying in touch with the world of professionals.

Discuss the Perils and Risks

Being an adult it is your responsibility to not forsake kids to use social media to help them become “aware” of its power. Sure, blogging and influencers are the mainstream these days but it also means letting in unknown people in your life. If you are a student you are already at the stage where you know what’s good or bad for you.

So if you choose to make a TikTok video on school premises you are putting yourself in the position to reveal your location. This can be dangerous in a lot of ways if a goaded roup of neighboring students come fighting into the campus, you can only imagine how gruesome things could become.

Research the App

There are hundreds of apps available for a single smartphone user. So the best tip of the day is to research the app before you start using it. No matter what anyone says, no matter how cool it may sound to you. Do your research!

If an app is going viral it doesn’t mean it will work in your favor too. The best research tool for any app is to Google it. Scan the pros and cons of using the app before downloading it. You will find extensive information about whether the app is effective or not or just a waste of time.

Always beware of the content you find on social media unless the content is uploaded from the guaranteed accounts you need to be smart enough to know what to believe or not to. In the end, always remember you are your savior so use social media wisely.
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