Who doesn’t need safe shipping? Every business is built on the criteria where customers’ satisfaction is integral. So, it becomes the preference for every shipping company and related businesses to offer services that leaves a great impression on the customers. Hence, the best tapes for packaging is one of the components that ensure safety throughout the shipping process.

Some shipping companies prefer heavy-duty packaging tapes while others like to invest in unreliable tapes. It all depends on how you serve customers’ needs and make your business going.

But if your business is all about shipping fragile and significant products, you better not neglect uncertainties. Accidents are normal during shipping. However, businesses opt for solutions to avoid any damages.

This post is all about the best tapes for packaging that you might need to safeguard your products from any damage.

Best Tapes For Packaging That Can Make Your Shipping Game Strong

1.      Durable Water Activated Tape

Often, the products we ship are never packaged securely. Even if the right tape is used, still there are chances for it to face damages. Hence, you would not want to bear the losses and let the business drown away.

Durable water-activated tape is the solution to your shipping problems. Several big exporters on the online B2B marketplace use the tape to avoid any damage to the products.

The tape is definitely a must-have because it is best to be used in rough conditions. This is because the water adhesive on the tape allows it to become compatible with such situations where your products need to be safe and tightly packed.

2.      Scotch Brand Strapping Tape

Gone are the days when heavyweight packages were difficult to manage. Their shipping used to be way too tricky and risky that companies had to take a lot of measures to avoid any damages.

Since innovations are a part of every business, the scotch brand strapping tape is the one that we can name it. The tape is reinforced with fiberglass that is the best to handle heavyweight packages. If you are looking for the best tapes for packaging, then this is the one you should opt for.

Moreover, it also provides a strong bond that keeps your products safe and damage-free.

3.      Perfectape Heavy Duty Tape

If we are asked to name one durable and the best tapes for packaging, then it is only Perfectape heavy-duty tape.

This is again the best tape for shipping companies who already have dispensers. It means you don’t have to struggle anymore. Perfect app heavy-duty tape is a must-to-include in your shipping process because it gives more clarity and a strong bond as well.

4.      Duck HD Clear Packaging Tape

Not every tape comes in large quantities. If you own a small business, Duck HD clear packaging tape can help you in many ways. Its single pack contains six refill rolls – a convenience that you ever wished to get in packaging various items.

The brand offers a decent yet strong product that ensures to meet your shipping needs. It follows all the appropriate regulations that are required in manufacturing the best tapes for packaging.

Also, the tape is highly used in professional terms. Hence, you can give it a try and make your items worthy and effective.

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5.      Tape King Clear Packing Tape

Tape King provides the most valuable and strong tape to the shipping companies, which is thick and in reasonable quantity. For instance, a single pack contains six refill rolls and is 3.2 mils thick each.

The tape is not for ordinary use. Yet, it is an amazing product for commercial and industrial use.

So, if you mainly handle heavy shipments, this tape is a must for your business. Not only the experts recommend the tape, but many successful businesses are also using it to transport the products from one area to another safely.

6.      Jarlink Clear Packing Tape

Among many durable packaging tapes, Jarlink is one of the best tapes for packaging. Yes, you read it right. It is not only durable but consists of quality adhesive that is essential in the packaging. The tape is 60 yards wide, so you can think of the quantity that is needed to fulfill your packaging requirements.

Interestingly, the single pack comes with twelve rolls, which is absolutely worth the cost.

If we look at its width, then the tape is considered to be the thickest tape among all. So, are you ready to give your packaging strong support?


So, these are some of the most vital packaging tapes that you can’t say NO at all. This is because your customers aim to receive damage-free items. If your shipping company uses one of these tapes, the customers will be happy and more orders will come to you.

This is how an improved shipping process works. It is better to invest in the right place rather than bearing losses more than revenues.