Career choices make us think a lot – years of planning, preparation, and phases of confusion
dot the journey of choosing your career. So, why do you think people are so skeptical about
their career choice? The only reason being that youngsters lay under the confusion as to
whether this career path will open up sufficient job avenues for them! And if your choice is
influenced by contemporary trends in employment patterns, you start worrying about
whether the currently in-demand career bears the same weight 20 years down the line.

In this article today, we will discuss a few common myths that do more harm to young aspirants. And we hope to debunk them each for you.

Some common career myths that need debunking:

#1: Choosing a career is very easy

Career selection is anything but easy. Choosing the right career begins with understanding yourself, your passion, personality, likes, and dislikes. It requires testing of aptitude and skills. Once that is done, you get a better understanding of suitable careers. Then there is the step of exploring those options, job scopes, opportunities, and more. Career selection is not casually done and requires focus and work.

#2: You can have one perfect career

There are a plethora of career options and it is true, one cannot have it all. However, our skills and abilities make us compatible with a certain number of careers. Not one, but our abilities provide a generous number of careers to choose from.

#3: A good career is the one that pays well

You can have the richest job in the world, but if you are not passionate about it, you will never grow. Each human is crafted with a distinctive set of skills that match with certain career options. Choosing a career out of it, just because it pays well is a wrong choice. To grow, learn more, and succeed in a profession, one must be passionate about it.

#4: Choosing a trending career is smart

This myth is very similar to the one that pays well. There are multitudes of careers trending today. Your friends are taking them; your parents are asking you to and whatnot. But do you have a genuine interest in any of those? If yes, only then you choose such a career. Your abilities and your interest should be the factors behind the final decision.

#5: Choosing a career means sticking to it for a lifetime

It has happened several times, that an individual has changed multiple careers in the working span. This can happen to you as well. There is no hard and fast rule that you must stick to a single career of choice.
It is not about how many careers you change, but how many skills you hone. It can be completely different from the degree you pursued, but that should not be a restraint.

#6 Career aptitude tests will choose the right career for you

The right sentence would be: Career assessment tests will ‘help’ you choose the right career. Psychometric testing or Career Assessment is a scientific process of testing an individual’s mental condition: their ability and personality. The purpose of this test during career choices is it outlines the strength and weaknesses.

Psychometric tests can reveal a set of suitable careers a student can achieve growth in. Instead of focusing on trending careers and the highest paid jobs, the test focuses on the student’s aptitude.

What are the benefits of a Psychometric test?

Appearing for a psychometric test can help students in the following ways:

Provide a firm foundation and designated goal

Oftentimes students just study because they have been asked to. They have no proper planning and set objectives. With a psychometric test, students have the idea of what the goals are and how to build a strong academic foundation that serves the future.

Shed light on the strengths and weaknesses

Psychometric tests are scientific and reliable. This test identifies the lateral thought abilities and intelligence quotient. Giving students the ability to identify and analyze oneself; also with the scope of improvement.

Identify hidden skills

Every individual is born with unique qualities that can be applied to education. While some identify their abilities at a very young age, some others never identify at all. A psychometric test allows everybody to identify their hidden abilities and skills.

Sneak peek into the personality

Personality plays a huge role in a career, helping an individual fit into a particular domain. For instance, an introvert may not be a good politician,but an extraordinary writer or a painter. Several schools make use of psychometric tests as a development tool for students to discover their true
personality and potential for a career type.

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