If you’re starting your journey as a professional video creator or YouTuber, then it’s essential to have the right video-making equipment with you. With the correct equipment, you’ll be able to create exciting and quality content with ease.

Moreover, there are many types of equipment. One, physical equipment such as cameras, stabilizers, etc. Two, digital equipment such as software and free video maker, like the Promo Editor. Both of these help in giving your video content the perfect touch to attract the audience base.

So, if you’re confused about which equipment to buy for video creation, read on to know the 6 must-have ones!

  • Camera

The first set of equipment that you need is definitely a good camera and efficient lenses. When it comes to the camera, you have three options:

  • Beginner Cameras

If you’re simply starting out and don’t have an extensive budget, then you can go for beginner cameras. They consist of camcorders, webcams, and even your phone cameras. 

Camcorders are a great option if you require more portability than stability. They’re lightweight and quite affordable. However, if you require high-resolution videos, then they may not cut it.

If your video creation is simply stagnant, then high-quality and definition webcams are an excellent addition. This way you can use your laptop or PC for video creation without spending any additional money.

Lastly, if you don’t want to buy anything right now, you can use your phone’s camera too. Just make sure you have a proper and flat area to place it on. Also, it’s imperative that your phone’s camera is around 13MP or more for video creation.

  • Intermediate Cameras

If you’re familiar with the know-how of somewhat professional cameras, like digital cameras or DSLRs, then go for them.

Both digital cameras and DSLRs offer phenomenal clarity, color, and high definition. Thus, taking your video game to a whole new level!

Once you’re done editing these videos with a free video maker, they’ll become even better.

  • Professional Cameras

Lastly, you’ve professional cameras which are just a more advanced and upgraded version of intermediate cameras. They’re definitely expensive but worth it if you want to create mind-boggling videos from home.

  • Stabilizers

If you’re using any camera, be it phone or digital, you need to make sure it’s stable enough. Videos with poor stability can reduce the overall effect and thus, ruin your experience.

However, many video creators today use stabilizers such as tripods and cell phone stands. So, if you’re making any still frame videos, such as tutorials, workout videos, etc., then they’re a must.

For instance, a cell phone stand can essentially hold your phone in a stable position while you shoot the video. This will create a smooth and sharp video instead of a shaky one.

For better stability in phones and cameras, go for tripods. Tripods are three-legged equipment that can hold your camera in place for better stability. So, just fix your camera on a tripod and press record! You’ll get extremely sharp and clear videos.

Today, tripods are available in various heights, features, and prices. You need to find the one that suits your requirements the best. 

  • Lighting Equipment

Whether or not your room has good lighting is out of the question at times. It’s because when you shoot videos, the lighting may feel off, and hence, make your videos look dull. This is the reason why you need to invest in the correct lighting equipment. 

For now, you’ve many options such as:

  • Ring Lights

If you’re a vlogger, tutorial enthusiast, or live-streamer, then ring lights are a must-have! These lights focus mainly on your face and help in achieving uniform lighting. They can also make your face look much more confident on camera.

  • LED Lights

If you’re looking for uniform and dramatic lighting, then use LED lights. They’re better for a two-person video, such as interviews or even online video discussions. Keep in mind that they don’t have a very easy installation.

  • Softbox

Softboxes are a bit more dramatic than LED lights. They’re great for making interview videos from home. Again, this lighting equipment is hard to install.

If you still want to increase your video’s brightness and overall clarity even after using lighting equipment, then you can use a free video maker. 

  • Audio Equipment

Audio is an important part of video storytelling. So, if your video contains a lot of audio recording, then it’s necessary to invest in quality audio equipment. The type of audio equipment depends on what you’re planning to prepare. Want to find the best mic for rap vocals? We reviewed them all for you at Bring in the Noise!

Some options include:

  • Shotgun Microphones

You can easily mount shotgun microphones on top of your camera. Hence, this works excellently if you’re speaking up close to the camera, such as in vlogging. On the other hand, the audio quality may deteriorate as you move away from the camera.

  • Lapels

Lapels consist of wireless and wired mics. You can easily clip them on your outfit and connect them to your camera or phone. Hence, you can use these for vlogging purposes or even for tutorials.

  • USB microphones

USB microphones are ideal for connecting to PCs and laptops. So, they’re well-suited for live stream videos with their outstanding audio clarity.

  • Laptop and Memory Cards

For editing and storing your videos, you need the right laptop along with some additional memory cards.

First, you need to look for the right processor to ensure quick processing speeds. You can either go for i5 processors or i7 processors. The i5 processor is good for beginner-level editing whereas the i7 processor works better for heavy or HD video editing. 

Apart from the processes, you need to go for a laptop with a proper graphic card. It can help with a faster and smoother video editing experience.

Lastly, don’t forget to get additional memory cards. They’re available in various storage options such as 64GB, 128GB, and 512GB too. 

  • Editing Tools Like a Free Video Maker

If you want to add any additional animations or make huge/small tweaks here and there, video editing tools and software are a must.

These software/tools are either paid or free. If you’re on a budget, try out a free video maker to make your videos look more appealing. 

Final Thoughts

Making videos at home isn’t just about using your creative cells. It’s also about proper organization and management of the right video-making equipment. So, make sure that you follow this guide to finding the best equipment for making videos!