Taking your business online can have a great impact on ROI. Larger engagement rates and higher sales directly related to the great going of business. Only the top page of google shows the significant growth of the businesses. A higher rank is directly related higher; attention from the people. But the reality is that ranking higher and getting to the first page of Google is not that easy. Coming to a real point lots of businesses are competing with each other for getting higher ranks already. In this condition, you have to work smartly than your competitors to gain rank on the first of google. Below we have listed a series of steps that can help your business in reaching the first page of google.

Get Your Website Found on Google with These 6 Steps

Complete the basic steps

First of all, complete all the basic steps that are required to give a powerful start in the google search engine. In the beginning, you have to buy a domain that has a keyword in itself that relates to your niche. For example “www.mysamsung.com”. Now this domain has a keyword that is related to a Smartphone industry. You also need to do the same thing while purchasing a domain for your business website. Your website should user-friendly that enable easy navigation. Secure your website with HTTPS. Search engines prefer HTTPS over HTTP websites. Next, submit your website to Google so that the search engine can crawl it.

Keyword research

Keyword hunting is a time-consuming process. Always aim at finding keywords with lower competition. The ranking is much easier on these types of keywords. After you got a lower rank keyword, checkout for your competitors and analyze them for their strong week points. You can classify them on the basis of their DR, AR, SEO score, backlinks, and no. of posts on their website. You can use different tools like SEMRush, google keyword planner, Ahrefs for all this process.

Powerful and SEO friendly content

After gathering all information regarding the strong and weak points of your competitors. You have to create an interesting and impactful content that can beat their posts. Remember you have to mention all the points which your visitor wants to see. long-stay by the visitors’ will decrease your bounce rate. Always aim at improving the readability score of your content. Here we mean to improve the style and language of your writing. Don’t forget to make it SEO-Friendly. To increase your SEO score in the content you can use different extensions like Yoast SEO and Grammarly. Checkout if your keyword stuffing is good enough. Add meta descriptions, images, external links, and videos to make it more relevant.


Add internal links

Driving the traffic from one place to another is the best in utilizing traffic. Start driving traffic to your other posts. You just need to copy the links of your other products, e-products, and services that you can offer to your customer and copy them to the current one. This will help you in making more and more conversions and sales. By doing so you can decrease your bounce rate. Visitors will be checking out all your services and products. If they liked them they will start talking about them on different forums and social platforms. In turn, you will get more and more backlinks and references without any efforts.

Backlinks generation

Generating backlinks is very essential for increasing the Domain authority of your websites. Digital marketing, SEO Experts use different tools for making backlinks. Higher domain authority always results in higher ranking. Search engines always websites with higher DR over websites with Low DR. If making Backlinks you just need to copy the link of your website and copy it to comment sections of another website. For making it easier you can use the keyword research tools to know the number of backlinks you need to create for beating your competitors on the top page.


In the end, you need to wait for your posts to rank higher. It takes a long time to come on the first page of google. On average, it takes 8-9 months for strong content to get a place on the first page. Rest depends on the search engines how much time it takes to place your business website on the first page of google. Till then you can repeat the same process with other low competition keywords. More keywords triggering is directly connected to more traffic engagement.