Back in the time, mobile phones used to be the worst thing students could have (according to parents and teachers. For students, it was still a best thing). But, just like our technology and trends change, so our thinking does.

At this moment, let’s say thanks to all inventors and technologists who did tooth and nail fight just to make mobile phones a useful thing for students.  Same thing which was considered as the distracting gadget has now become a necessity for present time learners.

There are many advantages of using mobile phones for students, and just to give a little insight we will share top-seven benefits here.

 Collect information with convenience

Searching or collecting information used to be the most difficult task as, there were only few people who used to have easy access on systems. As, majority of the students had to travel long to use systems. Sometimes to college and often times to private computers labs (the struggle was real though). But not anymore because, mobile phones has made our lives easy yet free from struggles. Now, it takes minutes and seconds to make an access on Google and to do the needful. Who knew life would be this much convenient. But yes, we feel sad for the ones who are still not seizing opportunity from these blessings.

Communicate with not hurdles 

It takes less than a second to get connect with friends, mentors, and anyone you want to communicate with. This is one of the best advantage which mobile phone likely to offer to learners. No matter where you are stuck or whatever happened, you are just a message or call away. Apart from this, students now don’t have to wait until next lecture to take assistance from mentors. Let’s give credits to social media platforms and other mediums as well. After all, it was impossible without all these social platforms. Like, you all could do group learning at a time and can also do chatting or whatever you want, along with group communication. Multitasking was not that easy before because unfortunately you can’t move with landlines.

Freedom to learn, no regional boundaries

There was a time when classroom learning was the only culture which students used to follow.  Though, at this point, students can learn or take assistance from anyone they want. In this era, even if you want international expert to assist you then you don’t have to wait for a visa or anything. All you need is, a mobile phone and good internet connection. If you have these two then you are not less blessed. Just take your expert in loop and begin the game. Not only this, even if you want someone to make notes for you then there are many platforms available. Like, essay writing service, assignment help providers, and plenty of other relative services. This is how students are free to learn or take assistance, without letting regional boundaries stop them.

Advanced learning in zero penny

Previously, even to get commands on MSWord or in any other technicalities, students had to go through a lot. Like it was a process, first, start saving because nothing was free, back then. Afterwards, choose one from hardly three options and here you are, learn new skills with heavy investment. And what about today? We all know how easy it has become to learn new skills. Like, you don’t even have to travel long, just sit in your room, and get registered in any of the course (according to your choice). Dou you all know what is another best thing about these courses? Most of them are almost free, you don’t have to pay to learn new skills. And oh, then comes the best source- Youtube! At this platform, you definitely just need a time to invest.

Take entertaining breaks 

Breaks are important, of course you can’t study straight for seven or six hours. But one thing which turn these breaks into problems is when you leave your place. Once you leave your mind might will not be able to take same start- enthusiastic and motivated. But millennial do not have to worry about this as, now you can take entertaining and mind refreshing breaks just being into one room. Once again, it’s time to say thank you to your mobile phones. At least, you all could enjoy any game, short clips, and anything. No need to rely on friends or to go outside just to make your mind refresh. By the way, breaks means15 to 20 minutes of break. We are not talking about complete breaks here.

 Experiential learning

Students of 90s era or even the ones who pursued education in initial 20s were unable to experience possessed information. Let’s suppose, If I tell you that there is a sea which is quite dangerous and often people get drown into it this why it is named as dead sea. Some of you might believe it as it is and some of you might get excited to Google it. Yes, that’s what missing in previous eras. Students had to believe and assume things as it is. There was no concept of experiential learning present, back in time. Though, at this moment we have many techniques in which video or motion graphics considered as the best ones. You can experience whatever you want via videos, pictures, info-graphics and whatnot.

 Useful applications

Student life is full of mess and many responsibilities, of course everyone needs someone who could give friendly reminders. Well, this is another best thing about mobile phones and students. No matter whether you are expecting a submission, need to wake up early, have an appointment or anything. Just set reminders in your phone and let it deal with all things in one go. Your mobile phone works like a robotic assistant for you. Apart from this, students could even use it for other purposes like backing up other important information, making digital sticky notes. And how can we skip the fact that you are just click away to book your ride, get your food, your books and whatnot. Like now everything is available on online platforms and you can easily get your hands on anything within just one click.

Time to wrap up all things. Although, there are many more benefits which mobile phone offer to students and yet, we have shared top seven advantages. So, if next time your mother or teacher yells at you, for using mobile phone then don’t forget to share these benefits. In case, if you want us to add more benefits in the list then feel free to ask.



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