Hi Friends, if you use the Internet on a computer and want to enjoy it more with its easy Browser Tricks, then this post is for you. Today we will tell you how you can make it easier by using some of its simple tricks. Although these Browsers Tricks work in almost all Browsers but I will do the most popular Browser “Google Chrome” as an example here. So let us know the 7 tips and tricks of Browsers that you can use.

1. Reopen Closed Tab


When we are reading something on the internet or doing something else, we use different tabs for this. Like Facebook in one tab, Blogger in the other, something else in the third. In this way, when any of our work is done, then we stop it. But sometimes we accidentally close the tab that we just needed. More Read Tips and trick Spotify Premium Apk That is, we close the wrong tab.In such a situation, if you have to open this tab again, then you will have to go to History with a ‘New Tab’ and then go and find that link and click on it. Which is a bit complicated process and the sad thing is that when you are in Incognito Browsing you will not be able to do it.

So its simple process is that if any wrong tab is closed from you, then you go to any tab above and right click. After this, you will get an option like the screenshot below, one of which will be “Reopen Closed Tab”. Just click on it and your tab which was closed by mistake will immediately open again. You can open all your closed tabs by doing this again and again. You can also use the Shortcut Key “Ctrl + Shift + T” in Google Chrome Browser to reopen your last tab. And the better thing is that it also works in Incognito Browsing.

2. Know: What will open after clicking on any link

When we are reading a blog post, there are many links in it. When we click on it, we go to that next page. But do you know what is going to happen when you click on this link. But you can find out what is open after clicking on any link. That is, if it is right then open it otherwise. For this, you have to take your Mouse Pointer to that link and look under your browser. Here you will get the information of that link (see screenshot below). If that link looks right, then open it otherwise.

3. Jump quickly to any tab

When you surf the internet, you open a lot of tabs and thus you have to go by clicking the mouse pointer on that tab as per the task. Which takes a little more time. Now if I tell you some Shortcut Key, then your work will become very easy. That is, you can use the Shortcut Key (Ctrl + Tab No.) for this. Don’t understand ?? Suppose you have 4 tabs open in your browser. Now that variables are tab

That is, if you want to go to the other then use “Ctrl + 2” and you will be on the second tab. Similarly, for the third, fourth, you can easily go to it using “Ctrl + 3” and “Ctrl + 4” respectively. (Try now)

4. Open a link in a new tab.

When we are reading a blog post and when there is a link in it and we click on it, then that page opens in the same way that our old Bala Post gets missed. Now if you want to keep reading your old Bala post also and open the new Bala link in the new tab, then just follow the method below.

Instead of left click on any link you want to open in new tab, right click. Now you will see an option like the screenshot below. Here you click on “Open Link In New Tab” and your link will open in new tab.

5. There is no need to write the link of any website completely.

If you are going to enter a link to a website, then you do not need to write the complete link in the browser nor do you need to use Google Search. All you have to do is that if you want to go to Spotify Premium APk, then you have to write “Tip and Tricks” in the browser and then use the shortcut key “Ctrl + Enter” and it will automatically go to www and finally. com, due to which you will be on Direct’s homepage.

6. Search for anything immediately.

If you are reading a blog post and you want information about a word written there, then you can search it directly from there. That is, you will not have to rewrite it by going to the search bar nor do copy> paste.For this, select the information about which you want and right click. You will get an option like the screenshot below. You click on Search and it will immediately put its Google Search Result in front of you (if your Default Search Engine is Google).

7. Highlight the Page URL.

Sometimes when you are on a website now, then its link has to be copied. To do this, you have to select it by going to its link. Then go and copy it. But you can also do this work very easily, that is, if you want to highlight the link of a webpage, then you can use “Ctrl + L” directly.

And it will automatically highlight the link of that web page, after that you can copy from “Ctrl + C” and paste with “Ctrl + V”. So friends, this was some fun and interesting tips and tricks related to Browsers. I hope you liked it. Build our confidence by sharing it with your friends. Thank you!

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