Love is still an eternal feeling that no other feeling can beat. All the other feelings are validated, caused, and resulted from this core feeling.  Love is all we seek in our life to make it beautiful. This feeling does not have an age; it can happen at any time. But whenever it happens, your whole perspective on the world will change. You would always walk extra miles to make that person happier. Surprises are the best one could do for their lovers. Here are 7 most romantic surprise ideas for your loving partner.

1) Make feel special with coffee date

Conversations over coffee have been famous all around the world. Sometimes, it can mess things up. But on the other times, it can give a sweet and quality memory to cherish forever. And if you are lucky, it might also get you your future partner as well. So, if you like someone, going for a coffee date and having some words exchanged with the person is an amazing way to surprise the person in your thoughts. If he/she is an explorer, then nothing can create better communication over different coffees on the different café table exploration. Or, a simple coffee and cookie date on a rainy day inside the home will also be superb.

2) Arrange Candlelight dinner

Spending time in a phenomenal ambiance over food on the table has hardly failed to end without a sweeter note. A candlelight dinner is a perfect way to know each other well. It would be more special if you both put the effort to make each other’s favorite dish in the same kitchen. This would be a very romantic gift for a husband from his wife and vice-versa. If you want to make something of another cuisine, try cuisines from Germany. It is delicious, easy to cook, and also would be surprising.

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3) Long Drive

When you love someone, you want to spend more and more time with that person. Coffee shops, cinema halls are public places where you do not get to spend time in your ways. But, on a long drive with your beloved beside you will always be surprising. If it is a special day for him/her, you can plan to go for a long drive to a place that she/he loves or is different from around. Such long drives bring two true lovers closer by heart.

4) Spa Session

In this life where we all are running after work, money, success; time is a very crucial factor. These all give us immense stress that reflects on our face and physique as well. The best way to remain healthy is good food and some relaxing time. So, if you care for your lover, a unique gift for girlfriend/boyfriend is to book a spa session for them at hope, in their spare time. This will be a surprise for him/her and they would love it. If you can, then to make him/her happier, book spa sessions for both together.

5) Show Your Love with Flower Bouquet

Nothing has ever beat the beauty and ecstasy of the flower as a gift to express love. Your lover has his/her favorite flower. You can always gift them his/her favorite flower bouquet on his/her special day. But, on an ordinary day, such a bouquet in the morning would be amazingly surprising. Colors, varieties, aromas- they will mesmerize your love in different ways. If you want to send special floral bouquets, then it is best to order flowers online from famous online floral shops like, etc.

6) Hot air balloon ride

This is a restricted way of surprising your beloved because not all the places have access to this facility. A hot air balloon ride is a very beautiful one as you can see the sunset and the horizon from the mid-air with your beloved partner. The feeling it would give you, especially if it is your partner’s first day on the ride, would be unforgettable. This would be very special as it is his/her special partner who is surprising him/her with the idea of celebration. Germany is an amazing place to go for this.

7) Give a romantic Gift for care & love

A romantic gift is very easy to send. Any gift that has a touch of your beloved is a romantic gift. It can be simple gifts, yet special. And if it is surprising, it would make the gift more special for the one at the receiving end. It can be a pen, a bouquet, a book, a letter, a teddy bear, or a poem. Or you can also send romantic gifts online if you want to buy something from the other place, like Germany or any other country.

Gifts are the best ways to make someone happy. And surprise just enhances the essence of and degree of happiness. Above are the best ways to surprise your loving partner with surprises.