Transporting people and different tangible materials has been part of the fastest-growing industries for so many years now. The industry covers a wide range of important aspects from delivery services to travelling. For these particular tasks, the Federal Law requires every business to obtain a Commercial Drivers License or CDL for their drivers of certain types.

Business Ideas

Any related business can acquire an official CDL for delivery drivers if they own the necessary equipment or vehicles that are capable of transport operations. There is no doubt that one will need some basic investment and skill to start a business in this field but the fun fact is that the returns are quite huge. So, if you are interested in operating this type of business, here are a few CDL business ideas to get you started.  

Delivery Service

If you want to pursue a delivery service, you must also know that you will be competing with larger players like FedEx, LBC, DHL, and more. As an offset strategy, you will need to adjust your prices accordingly. Plus, this type of service requires a box truck for operation

Livestock Transport

There are certain regulations for livestock transport business when crossing state lines. Make sure you and your driver are familiar with these rules. Plus, obtaining the right CDL is also important in this type of transport industry.

Shuttle Service

This venture is an excellent idea as more and more commercial sites and business centres start to spread out. This indicates a lot of job opportunities for everyone which also means there could be a wide potential market for your shuttle service. Carrying passengers to and from work gives them relaxation and the ability to catch up on work, which sounds beneficial for both business and consumers.  

Boat Transport

A means of boat transport can be a profitable business if you live or own a property nearby water. Since there are different trailers for specific boat transport business, you have to determine what kind of service you want to pursue. Your options could be either transporting passengers/parcels from one point to another or you can rent out a speedboat to fishermen.

Tour Operator

Take advantage of your good fortune by investing in a courier bus to put up a tour operator service. This could be a profitable venture, especially when your location is within a famous tourist spot.

Water Hauling Services

Some remote places in rural areas may have difficulty in obtaining water sources. Hence, operating a water hauling service can help the residents to sustain water for irrigation and other purposes, especially when human consumption of water is a significant health issue. Of course, a good source of water and equipment for hauling are the major requirements you’ll need to put up the service.

Tow Truck Assistance

A CDL is a strict requirement if you want to start towing vehicles that exceed 10,000 pounds. Although there’s a tight competence among tow truck services, this type of venture could be profitable. Just make sure to inquire and present the right permits at the local government, especially for startups. 

Backhoe Services

Investing in backhoe equipment can be very pricey but it can gain you a pretty fair profit if you rent it out. Aside from a CDL, you will be needing a trailer to haul the equipment on. But do not worry because there are tons of opportunities for this field like digging-up works for home repairs or road excavations.