Weddings are one of the most important events. There are many things you need to consider to make the event perfect. Wedding preparations can be hectic and need proper planning. You need to enlist the things to smoothly carry out the event. One of the important things that need to be on top of your list is the favor boxes. These favor boxes are used to say thanks to your guests. You can fill these favor boxes with sweets, cookies, scented candles, chocolates, etc. These favor boxes can make your event quite special. These boxes range from wooden to plastic favor boxes etc.

How to choose wedding favors for your guests?

Wedding favors are an efficient way to appreciate your guests and mark a memorable impression of your event. But most people don’t know how to choose a perfect wedding favor. Some of the tips you need to consider while choosing the wedding favors are:

1- Consider practicality

First thing we look into in a favor box is obviously its appearance. You definitely want the favor box to look the best but what about the practicality. Before choosing a favor box, you should consider its functional aspects. So, choosing favor boxes that are not only appealing but also withstand the functional requirements is important.

2- Budget

No matter whatever you choose as the favor box you have to pay a certain amount for it. These favor boxes come in a variety of designs and styles. And the cost of favor boxes may vary according to the design and style. As you have to plan hundreds of things for a wedding, you cannot let the favor boxes consume most of your budget. Hence, it is important to allocate your budget for all arrangements. This will help you to choose the favor boxes that adjust your budget.

3- Customize carefully

Although customized products are one of the biggest market trends. But it is really important to wisely choose the customization. Obviously, you want everything to compliment your overall theme. But you don’t need to put your names or wedding date on these favor boxes. This will be a cost-effective option as well as will make your guest reuse these boxes.

4- Meaningful selection

Your guests will always remember the favor boxes you present to them. Therefore, you should choose the favors that match your personality or complement your wedding setup. For instance, presenting customized tees to your guest or wine bottles can be a good option. Further, you can consider your regional specialty as a wedding favor to introduce them to your local flavors. Besides this, you can add something that is part of your heritage including a recipe or any kind of sweet.

5- Careful DIY

DIY favor boxes are one of the preferable choices for many people. They find it quite economical as well as interesting. But before you go for DIY boxes make sure you are capable of doing this. Because making hundreds of DIY boxes and affixing custom labels on them isn’t an easy task. So, make sure that you have enough time and people to make it possible.

6- Ask for the sample

Most people save their time by online shopping for the favor boxes. But there are chances that the product isn’t the same while seeing it online and in real life. Therefore, to avoid this situation you need to check the samples before. Because the company will not easily change the designs in bulk order. Especially, if you go for custom favor boxes with your names and event details it is not possible to get the change at the last minute. So, before placing your order, you can ask them to send you a sample.

7- Arrange extra boxes

It will be really embarrassing if you fell short of favor boxes at the moment. Therefore, you should always keep the backup available. You can order a few extra boxes in case any of them got broken or misplaced. Further, the guests may want some extra boxes to take away.

8- Choose the packaging

Once you are done with deciding favor boxes and the favor you want to keep inside, the next step is favor packaging. The packaging is equally as important as the favor inside. Now, look towards the packaging aspect to give the final touch.

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