Good time and prime years don’t last forever. We’re all going to grow old someday before we know it, and the reality of aging is going to hit like a truck and run you over. Our parents and their parents have all struggled with the aging process, so it’s only wise to prepare yourself if you’re getting there or already are at that stage.

Here are eight tips on how to age smoothly:


The first and foremost secret to aging gracefully is staying on your toes as much as possible instead of reclining in an armchair and being in bed most of the day. Sure, you can think of it as a time to finally rest your bones like most of the elderly population, but it will only turn you into a wrinkly old human before your time.

If that’s not what you’re aiming for, stay as active as you can. It helps decrease the risk of diseases, produces endorphins, and acts as a mood booster. Make a moderate-intensity exercise schedule for yourself of up to 5 hours a week. It can be anything from a mild HIIT workout to morning walks, swimming, or cycling. Plan weekend hikes with friends and family. If possible, you can add a luxurious twist to it and do all of that on vacation at a scenic spot!


After your prime years, your internal organs and metabolism aren’t in excellent condition either. You can’t eat packaged and processed foods while binging your favorite series on a Friday as you did in the past.

Make sure to cut down on sugary and fatty foods as much as possible and eat lots of greens and fruits. Keep your nutrients in check and make sure your diet is as balanced as possible, with limited cheat days. Stay hydrated and drink lots of water, fresh juices, and teas but no caffeinated or fizzy drinks.


As you get old, falling asleep seems to turn into a chore with time. Lack of sleep can turn you into that always-irritated old hag around the corner that used to scare the children and refused to return any balls that landed in their yard.

To make sure you don’t turn into that, work on a nighttime routine and stick to a sleep schedule. Avoid falling asleep out of practice and use sleeping aids like chamomile tea or medicines if needed to stay healthy, mentally and physically.


It is common to feel detached from your loved ones and fall into the traps of depression and mental illnesses as you grow old. All of that stress is anything but healthy for you and your body, which can trigger aging and even cause physical ailments.

Make sure to keep yourself busy with physical activities and not let the negative thoughts waste your day. Keep in touch with your loved ones and plan hangouts often. Try to maintain a positive attitude and practice mindfulness. Find new hobbies for yourself, meditate and see a therapist if needed.


While you may have been loyal to your cigarettes and your drinks when you were younger, it is not the right company to look for when you’re getting older. Not only does it fasten the process of aging, but it can also be even more dangerous than it was in your younger years. Since your liver and lungs are no more in mint condition and aging just as much as you, it is best to quit alcohol consumption, substance abuse, smoking, or limit it as best as possible. It may not be easy if you’ve been loyal to these habits for years, but you can always seek professional help like Laguna Treatment Hospital


Precaution is better than cure, and it is always best to live your life by that principle regardless of your age. But if you’re getting older, it should be the motto of your life. Since your body can no longer fight illnesses and is used to, it is recommended to get routine checkups and get necessary tests done every once in a while. It is perfect for staying aware of your body’s internal condition and starting to treat any possible diseases timely. Get your hearing and sight checked regularly and get tested for any potential deficiencies so you can take the necessary supplements.


There is no time more perfect to work on yourself and find out who you are than when you start seeing your first wrinkles. You’ve completed your education and worked your life away under the crippling pressure to meet expectations. But as you get older, the norms don’t expect you to do anything more than retire and sleep all day long. That’s when you can finally explore, go on that long-awaited vacation, socialize and learn new things. Do the things you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the time for, and you won’t even feel like you’re getting old.


The Aging process starts showing itself, beginning with the skin. You get fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin in all sorts of places. There are patches of unexplained hyperpigmented skin, and spider webs start appearing. That’s why it is the most crucial time to take care of your skin. Do not skip moisturizer and sunscreen at any cost, and invest in retinoids if your dermatologist recommended. Make sure to follow a minimal effort yet effective skincare routine and prevent your skin from the harsh effects of aging. Your first wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots will be depressing without a doubt. While it won’t happen overnight, the process can be faster than you’d expect if you’re not careful enough. But with the proper habits and lifestyle, you can slow down the aging process and stay as active as a volcano.