It’s not great when your child’s room or playroom becomes a major source of stress. If you are serious about getting organized, you must be willing to invest in an effective storage system. Better organization will save you time, help you keep your home cleaner, and reduce the number of misplaced toys in your home.

Toy baskets, boxes, shoe organizers, storage benches, and ottomans are just a few examples of low-cost storage options. Storage can vary depending on the number of toys, the age of the child, and the size of the room. Toys should be stored in categories that correspond to how your children play. The key to successful toy storage is to select solutions that are simple for children to clean. Here’s a list of amazing storage ideas for the kid’s toys.

  • Use Functional and Inexpensive Mesh Hangers

One of the amazing kinds of kids toy storage ideas is to use functional and inexpensive mesh hangers. Hanging containers are simple to use and keep items off the ground. It’s ideal for smaller toys like stuffed animals or dolls, but it could also hold larger items like balls.

Bear in mind that small kids will most likely be unable to reach the upper shelf on the hanger, so it may be best to use it to store toys that your child will only use occasionally rather than ones that will be used frequently. When not in use, the thing hanger folds flat and takes up little space.

  • Use Classic Cube Shelves

They’re widely available in most big-box stores, and the prices are reasonable. Toys can be conveniently stored in the storage boxes, which come in a variety of colors and can be purchased separately, and books and games can be stored in the open cubes. Larger items should be placed on top. Cube shelves are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from a single row of four cubes to large units measuring six by six.

  • Low-Cost Off-the-Floor Storage

Most parents simply want things off the ground when it comes to finding a good toy organizer. That is what makes this concept so powerful. Smaller stuffed animals will fit perfectly in the over-the-door hanger. Tell your child that she can only have as many animals as she has pockets for, and you’ll help keep the numbers down.

Also, take note of how they’ve used low-cost laundry baskets for storage. With the large hooks, you can keep them off the floor but easily remove them when your child wants to play with the toys. This is ideal for dollhouse furniture, toy cars and trains, and dress-up garments.

  • Under-the-Bed Storage With a Slide-Out

Space is at a premium in a small room, so you must make the most of every square inch. Drawers that fit under the bed are an excellent way to gain access to all of the space beneath the bed. Consider buying a bed frame with built-in drawers or consider a trundle bed without a mattress.

The extra containers inside the drawer are what make the design in this image so perfect. This enables you to better organize the toys and easily remove them when your kid wishes to play.

  • Toys in Baskets

The wire baskets are not only used to hold flowers, but they’re still a good way to keep toys contained. Because of their open design, they’re simple to hang on the wall with a few nails, and then you’ll be able to take them down for playing. Small covers at the bottom prevent toys from falling out, and labels aid in sorting; however, many parents keep the mess at bay by allowing the child to play with only one basket at a moment.

  • Bench Boxes for Reading

A tiny sitting nook in a kid’s room is a worthy addition, but you don’t want to ruin the space below it. Get a bench with small cubby areas for storage. You’ll then be able to purchase smaller toy boxes for storage that complement your home’s design while keeping clutter at bay.

As filled with light toys such as stuffed animals or doll clothes, even the youngest children will be able to open and close the drawers to assist with putting things away. However, you must ensure that the box shape corresponds to the openings.

  • Storage for Outdoor Balls

You can get so caught up in keeping everything clean and orderly inside that you forget about toy storage ideas for outside. The best toy organizer ideas for outside toys have enough storage space while still allowing the children to use the container conveniently.

The stretchy ropes along the sides of this box keep the balls in place while allowing kids to take out whichever ball they want without having to dig through all the others. They can easily toss them in from the top when it comes time to clean up. It’s also convenient because it uses the side space to store smaller balls and bicycle helmets.

  • Toy Bins with Animal Design

Having appealing toy bins can sometimes be the most effective way to get your child involved in toy cleanup. Kids will happily put their toys away with these adorable toy storage boxes, especially if you tell them that the squirrel or bear is hungry for toys. Consider purchasing separate bins for different children or different types of toys, and consider choosing bins that feature your child’s favorites.

  • Awesomeness on the Peg Board

Pegboards, such as the one on the wall here, have hundreds of holes, which makes storage a breeze. If it can be hung, it will fit on this board. Hooks can be inserted into any of those holes, making it simple to rearrange items to accommodate items of varying sizes. It can be used to hang items such as hats and clothes, as well as smaller containers of toys.


An amazing kid’s toy storage idea complements your home’s decor while also meeting your child’s needs. A few families have enough space for a dedicated toy room where toys can be kept neatly organized. It simply takes a lot of thought to figure out the best way to organize your child’s toys, regardless of your needs.