The weather is beautiful in UAE nowadays, and it’s ideal for residents and tourists to plan for some outdoor activities. Camping is the ultimate thing which one can expect in this lovely weather. Camping is a very fascinating experience, but it requires a lot more preparation and precautions to be taken before stepping out. The smell of barbeque, nights with stars on the sky, lying on the sand, friends, and family members sharing hot chocolates and marshmallows and bonfire are the most attractive things for making the memorable experiences of camping.

Before you gear up and go out, here are few guidelines shared by LuxuryProperty, which will be definitely helpful for you to give final shape to your plan. Camping is not only buying a camp or tent, but it is also far more than that. You don’t require many types of equipment but must have useful information in hand.


There are two types of camping activities. One is long term, which requires permission from the government, and the other is short term camping trip. That type is mostly enjoyed by camping passion.  You can head into the desert; sand, beaches and any place which makes you feel like spending the night over. The municipality has set up some safety measures for outdoor campers. The guidelines include setting up a tent and using fire and grill items. Fire activities should be at a distance from your camp.  


It is the foremost thing that needs to be dealt with maturity and from experienced persons take notes on setting up a tent at the right site. It is advised that you never placed your camp near to water streams, valleys, or at the bottom of the cliff. Placing the tent near to water tides can be dangerous and risky. It is also recommended to avoid muddy surfaces as it has more chances of scorpions and other worms in sand. The ideal site is always a flat surface and area with no rocks or stones to set up the tent. It will make your tent moist free.


You can enjoy a panoramic view of your camping only if your tent is safe and secure from flammable materials. It is suggested to buy that tent that has a nonflammable absorbent fabric. There should be sufficient holes in your tent so you can breathe inside easily. You may find any difficulty in ventilation inside your tent than immediately take necessary steps. It is essential to check that the tent is fitted tightly and firmly that strong winds can not cause any damage.


You can embrace yourself in night adventure but not to forget to handle generators carefully. If you are doing camping with children, then make sure to take sufficient extra batteries, adapters and place the generator properly to avoid any type of gas leakage inside the tent. Fire woods must be at a good distance from the tent. When you are cooking food on burners, make sure they should have covers to avoid the direction of the wind.


  • Must go through the rules of UAE on camping before gearing up.
  • Keep your tent free from any type of fire or coal.
  • Fire woods must be at a good distance from the camp.
  • If doing camping at the beachside than make sure you place your tent away from tides.
  • Never camp at the foot of dunes in popular locations as drivers in night drive roughly up and down at dunes.
  • Must take a shovel and tow rope with you when going off-road camping.
  • It is highly recommended to place fire extinguishers near to your tent or inside the camp.
  • Take plenty of water and use four-wheel drives.
  • Do take garbage bags and collect all litter with you and leave the place neat and clean.