Various things can be very dangerous to the immune system of the body. The damages caused by them are temporary and can be treated by several types of medications. But there is one virus that has life-threatening effects on the human body, and that is HIV.

Why is HIV the most concerned Syndrome in the world?

HIV is a part of STIs that are transmitted through sexual activities. Amongst all of the types of sexually transmitted infections, HIV is considered the most dangerous because it reduces the life span of a person. No permanent cure has yet to be discovered, but there are medications and surgery like adult circumcision surgery that can lower the effects.

How can HIV be prevented?

As mentioned above, HIV can be prevented by circumcision surgery of the penis. It is the cutting down of the excess foreskin that entirely covers the penis’ head. Some several methods and instruments can be used, but the procedure is almost the same in all.

  1. The penis is thoroughly cleaned.
  2. The anesthesia of the patient’s choice is given to him.
  3. The area is marked carefully.
  4. The favorable device is used to remove the extra skin.
  5. If necessary, stitches are applied to the wound.

AccuCirc an innovative way for adult circumcision surgery

There are at least five kinds of circumcision methods that are painless and bloodless. They are used all around the world to be safe. These devices and methods include; PrePex, Unicirc, Plastibell, laser surgery, and AccuCirc. But the safest of them all is the AccuCirc because it very much lowers the danger of HIV.

The AccuCirc Device

One major cause of HIV spread is when you use things of others that are infected by the HIV virus. It can only spread if it enters the human body. In several instances, the instruments of a traditional circumcision surgery are not sterilized properly, and they can be the cause of transmission of the virus. So the AccuCirc device is the safest to use.

The Protective Shield

It is a protective covering that safeguards the tip of the penis from damage. Many devices lack this part, so the top of the penis is vulnerable to any kind of injury. Even the traditional methods of male circumcision don’t guarantee the safety of the penis of any type of damage.

Foreskin holder

A problem that has all patients worry is that the skin is cut unevenly, which looks ugly and awful. But with the foreskin holder of the AccuCirc device, it holds the skin in the right position so that the skin is evenly removed. You can ask about this in detail from any surgeon in any clinic like Circumcision Center.

A Protective Circular Blade

This blade is placed or attached inside the primary device. This makes sure that the penis is well-protected prior, during, and post circumcision surgery procedure. The circular blade has been directed by the primary large method. You will never want that your penis is hurt during the whole surgical procedure. This blade also cuts the foreskin as per desire.

What is the whole procedure?

The process of applying the AccuCirc device for circumcision is very easy and takes less time.

  1. First, apply anesthesia to the penis.
  2. Accurately mark the length of the foreskin to remove.
  3. Pull the foreskin apart and place the foreskin holder.
  4. Pull up the skin till the marked area.
  5. Place the main device and lock it.
  6. The inner clamps hold the foreskin in position.
  7. The inner blade will cut the skin but with no loss of blood.

The benefits of this device

The benefits of the AccuCirc device are more than other kinds of tools that give no pain and are bloodless. But the cutting of the foreskin is very precise as several other devices can remove the skin on the head of the penis in a very uneven manner.

Used only once

This device is used only once on one patient. After it has been used, it must be disposed of, and reuse of it should and must be avoided. You have to discard it as soon as it is used immediately.

No extra incisions

In many of the circumcision devices, the wound has to be stitched up with the help of sutures. These sutures are dissolvable and other normal ones. But the AccuCirc is a device that needs no extra incisions. It cuts the foreskin along with cutting the blood supply that creates no incisions.

Less prone to injuries

This is one device that ensures that the penis is not damaged during the whole procedure. The protective shield protects the penis form any kind of injury; whereas, other methods and instruments have a risk that the penis can be damaged.

What is the conclusion?

If you select the AccuCirc device for adult circumcision surgery, then you will not only be protected by HIV, but also, there are other benefits for men who want their penis to be perfect.