Dubai the city of gold is a city that truly understands and nurtures businessmen all over the world. The young entrepreneurs are given a chance to grow even from zero. People who are willing to start a good and profitable business can definitely be starting a business in Dubai because the opportunities are evergreen especially for businesses like project management consultancy.  Having a  Project management consultancy service is a clever business investment for analytical thinkers, detail oriented and professionals who are pro in managing and organizing business plans. 

How to start a project management business in Dubai? 

Before understanding the advantages of a project management business let’s learn how to set up the actual business. To understand more or to proceed with the setup procedure you can go ahead and contact the best business setup consultants in Dubai. 

Deciding on a company name 

The first and foremost step is to come up with a decent company name. This is the first step of brand making and hence identity to your business. When naming companies you have to follow certain rules and regulations because the UAE is very strict about it.  

  •  Firstly, you should avoid any kind of usage of offensive or vulgar language in the company name. 
  • Secondly, avoid the usage of the name of the organizations that are already existing. 
  • Thirdly, if you are aiming to name the company after yourself then please avoid abbreviating your name. You should use the full name in the company name to get approval.
  • Last but not least you will have to put effort into finding out whether the name you have decided is already used or not. If so you have to drop the plan of using it for the registration of the company name to run smoothly. 

Getting  license 

So for a license for your company if you are taking the free zone area then you can directly apply for a license to the free zone area. If it is not the case and you are aiming to apply for the mainland business then you will have to apply for the license at the Department of Economic Development or DED. 

Visa for your business 

Visa for your business in Dubai is important for hassle free running of the business. As a business holder in Dubai, you can not only have a visa but also provide visas to other people too. You can sponsor it to your spouse, parent, your kid or even a domestic worker such as a housekeeper. The number of visas you get depends upon the size of the company. It also depends upon the business setup, your earnings and according to the dependent visas. 

Benefits of starting a project management business 

When opening a company in Dubai it is important to understand why you should start them in the first place and so now let us discuss some of the important advantages of having a project management business in Dubai. 

1. Improved Efficiency

Project management business is highly profitable and wants business because it helps people to deal with increasing project efficiency. Having such a business by side would help people relieve themselves from the distress of decreased efficiency. 

You can help your clients to lay a foundation and will effectively guide businessmen to effectively complete their projects in a given time. So you can help them to work smart with strategic methods but not to work hard. So, you can help your clients confidently explore the chances of being successful just like yourself. 

2. Company growth

Being a project management business holder you can significantly help in boosting clients growth. You can help them achieve goals and perform excellently to get a great income. The opportunities are more and you can make the client better and successful than others. 

3. Flexibility

One of the most loved advantages of good project management is for its constant flexibility. Having flexibility will help the company to be ahead in all matters and be successful. They can complete work on time and even be ahead with all the scheduled work matters. Being highly flexible would help the companies profit more and be highly useful for both small and mid size companies. 

4.Expand Customer Satisfaction

Customer happiness is key to a successful business. Your customers find it depending on you because of the excellent customer satisfaction you can give them. To blow away the mind of customers you need to complete work within a time and especially within a budget. So as a project management business holder you are sure to impress your clients who want to impress their clients. Impressed customers would love to come again and again because they want guaranteed success and time management. They not only come but would recommend you to other clients. 

5. Helps in expanding services

Your client can expand the services with an accurate project management business. Expanding service will ultimately help the companies to grow step by step and gradually increase business opportunities. Only successful projects with the help of adequate management can improve and expand the services and so your business is much needed. 

6. Productivity at its best

Finally, let us talk about the advantage of project management with productivity.  High quality along with strategic project management is the way to increase productivity. This alone is the reason for successful business in Dubai.

7. Low startup cost

Yet another important and budget friendly advantage is the need for low startup costs. You don’t have to spend much on the project management business if you already have training in project management.

8. Applicable to different industries 

Do you want to be an expert at project management business but be specialized in certain industries? You can go ahead and do that confidently. This is yet another advantage of doing this business. You are not limited to a certain industry or company. You can explore your opportunities and find the one best suited for you. Just in another case, you feel like you want to work with multiple industries. You can do so if you have an experienced team with you. 

9. Work with a variety of markets

Your business once established well begins to bring you fortune and it will be steady according to your performance. For instance, you are not limited to just a certain market. You are free to explore and serve different markets. For example, You can serve engineering, strategic planning, real estate, financial health and much more.


Project management business is in great demand in Dubai. It’s the perfect place to set the business up because of its popularity among the international business community. Dubai being the important business hub of the world is no less famous for its global connectivity and high-quality life. Apart from that, the city is a safe place to reside and every other business like project management business is flourishing due to being one of the best tourist destinations.