Living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an experience that you won’t relish in any other country. Housing numerous nationalities, a nightlife to rival fancy nations in the world, and undeniably zero income tax, the Gulf nation has a lot on offer.  As the population is burgeoning, so are the developments in this emirate. With a plethora of projects in the pipeline, Al Ghadeer deserves attention. It is developed by Aldar which is a master developer in Abu Dhabi. Positioned alongside the new Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD), this community is swiftly growing. As it is located right in the middle of the two emirates. The area provides an ideal option for those who work in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

So, if you are thinking of selecting this emerging place as your next home destination, read this article for some other benefits of living in this neighbourhood.  

Starting from Scratch

With a gross area of the development spreading over 1.3 million sq. m., Al Ghadeer comprises mixed-use projects. It features a number of properties including maisonettes, villas and townhouses. The community has everything one can think of- a modern residential community featuring schools, hospitals, upscale architecture and other facilities including public parks and retail outlets.

Ideal location

One of the main benefits of living in this area is its strategic location. Featuring affordable living for many, the area offers the best of the two cities. There are numerous upscale residential addresses catering to the needs of several individuals. Singletons, as well as newlyweds, can explore reasonably priced studios or 1-bedroom flats for rent sale in Al Ghadeer. On the contrary, families having children can opt for generous 2-bedroom apartments in this development as well.

Affordable Living

As Al Ghadeer has been listed among the top five areas in Abu Dhabi with the highest ROI. It is attracting various potential buyers and investors. For instance, you can rent a premium studio in Al for less than AED 40k a year. On the other hand, those looking for 1 BHK apartment for rent can find numerous options starting from as low as AED 42k.

As far as villas are concerned, people can rent a 3-bedroom villa in a price range varying from AED 105k and AED 130k. Moreover, a 2-bed townhouse can cost them around AED 70k per year.

Eco-Friendly Community

The Al Ghadeer community features sustainable living. This is because the area has five blocks that come with eco-friendly amenities in abundance. For instance, The Field, a series of small agricultural lands, is an ideal community for those who prefer to grow their own vegetables or other crops.

The Market is another sustainable option. It is a retail centre like no others as it allows inhabitants to buy freshly grown organic produce. Similarly, The Shed, a one-of-a-kind trading hub, offers a large array of farming tools as well as equipment.

Then there’s The Hub which is a food and beverage outlet; it offers fresh locally procured food items. Lastly, there is a training centre in the community called, The Studio. It focuses on giving awareness related to sustainability and personal farming.

Future of Transportation System

Al Ghadeer is becoming a home to the first-ever hyperloop transportation system. This deal was finalized between Aldar and the US-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. Based on a levitating frictionless technology, this transport system allows the specially designed pod to reach speeds of over 1,200 km/h. Once the system reaches completion, the commute between Dubai and Abu Dhabi will become more affordable and convenient.

Plenty of Amenities

Although the area lies at a little distance away from the city’s hullabaloo, it still delivers various conveniences, making Al Ghadeer villas and apartments a popular choice for people. That is why it stands amongst the topnotch areas for renting or buying properties in Abu Dhabi.

Moreover, a vast commercial space has been dedicated to retail outlets positioned on the ground floors of Al Waha and Sabil apartment zones. There is a small supermarket in Al Ghadeer. Named as Al Ghadeer Baqala where the residents can buy their routine everyday groceries.

In all, Al Ghadeer is an upscale neighbourhood ideal for those who want to relish luxury living without breaking their banks. So, why wait? Start looking for the available options and reserve the property under your name now!

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