For many years, the North African haven of Morocco has been a favorite choice for every sort of fun craver. From the soul-stirring sand of Sahara to the super comfy beach spots, the lofty Atlas peaks to the spacious riad houses, earthen landscapes to the bustling metropolises, this African paradise is a complete package of fun and excitement.

Morocco is often a popular holiday choice for families who seek good weather all year around.  In the hotter summer months, the popular cities like Rabat, Fez, and Marrakesh are over-populated with large tourist crowds. In summers, sometimes, the fellows feel the scorching sun often going at above 40s

However, this blog wants you to have a differently exuberant outlook on your next holidays in Morocco. Instead of stuffing yourself amidst the market or metropolitan crowds, just head to the country’s coastline.

This cozy coastline is waiting to take you on Al- Jadida for crazy water fun with your pals.

Yes! Al-Jadida! , an enthralling port city of Morocco, whose roads are still not taken.

Unlike the major Moroccan cities, not many foreign tourists make their way to Al- Jadida. Instead of exploring it, they have made this noteworthy spot a mere gateway to Marrakesh.

So this blog is going to unravel some amazing things to know about this gem city.

Al-Jadida and where it is?

Al Jadida is also known as the beach town located in the south of Casablanca. It is filled with a population of 200,000 Moroccans.

Colonial History

Very few of us know that this city of Morocco has a thought-provoking colonial history.  It was taken by the Portuguese sailors in 1769, who called it Mazagan.  Much later this old city was rebuilt by the Muslim ruler named as Sultan Abdul Rehman. He renamed it as Al-Jadida or ‘the New’

Therefore it is regarded as an epitome of Renaissance Portuguese Architecture and loved by the locals who flock to get the soothing sunbathe to the nearby Mazagan Beach and Spa Resort.

Like other popular cities, this very least visited Moroccan city has lots of treasure spots with their own uniqueness.

Touristy Spots of Al-Jadida

The port city of Al-Jadida, is loaded with the same thrill that many Morocco lovers are still missing to experience with their loved ones.  So here we have compiled up some special Jadida sites waiting for your eyes to explore them.

Ancient Ramparts of the Mazagan Fortress

The antediluvian ramparts of Mazagan fortress are the breath-taking examples of the Portuguese Military Structure built in the Renaissance (15-16th century) era.  Standing atop of these amazing constructions, you can admire the spectacular views of the Old Town and get lost in the unbeatable white beauty of the Ocean that nestles below the building.

Soothing Turquoise Beaches- Al Jadida

Want the same refreshing water fun of Agadir? Then never miss the golden chance to find yourself at any of the splashing watersides in the coastal city of Al Jadida. This port city is filled with lots of exciting water places such as Sidi Bouzid Beach, Haouzia Beach, Deauville Plage, Sidi Abed, and many more.

You can try all sorts of water fun sports such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling, etc.

El Jadida Golf Club

It is just like the Paradise place of Al Jadida with all the perks ideal for an exuberant family vacation. Besides trying your hands on Golfing or learning golfing skills, the lush green belts with rose and Jasmine flowers, the perfectly aligned cypress, pine trees, would be a double delight for your heart and soul.

Golfing under the green ambiance of El Jadida Golf Club would surely become an ever cheering delight.

Portuguese Cistern

It is another still example of the Portuguese rule on the African land of Morocco. For history geeks, this place is going to be a treat.  This place was used by the Portuguese as a warehouse or armory that was later converted into a grand water resource for the city inhabitants.

Believe me or not this place is an again delight for the crazy Hollywood Cineholics. They would be amazed to eye the actual location of several Hollywood hits like Othello- A 1952 film of Orson Welles.

Today, the visitors can also descend underground to stun their eyes with the stunning vaulted space that is supported by 25 graceful pillars.

Here you would also experience the scenic on-screen backdrop of Othello in reality. This atmospheric background is composed of the sun rays passing through the roof hole of the building and reflected by water layers on the cistern floor.

We would strongly suggest you plan your Cistern visit at day time to capture this mesmerizing phenomenon into your camera.