There have been several myths around who is an alpha male? What are the different traits and attributes of alpha male that bifurcate them from the beta guys? How might you build up your alpha character and annihilate the poisonous beta male characteristics from your life?

Who’s an Alpha Male

The expression ‘Alpha Male’ has gotten unfavourable criticism in the past few years.

Loverboy, ladies’ man, wannabe tough boys, and workout freaks whose muscles have adulterated the expression to a direction where it appears to be unimaginable toward concede to what it really intends to be an alpha male.

At the point when the vast majority hear the term ‘Alpha Male’, their psyche promptly evokes pictures of a heavyweight lifter with a huge bank account, a couple of models leaning over his shoulders, and an obvious, quality of prevalence with a portion of pomposity. Alpha guys are regularly thought of as ‘Knuckle Draggers’… repressive, round-shouldered, and clumsy characters.

Numerous other Traits have an alpha male in every social gathering. In a band of wild capuchin monkeys, for instance, the alpha male is ‘a solitary male, who has essential rights to mate with the females of the gathering.’

The alpha capuchin will approach a beta male, yell at him, and afterwards continue to mate with the most alluring females in the group. But the same doesn’t happen in humans as here people are intelligent enough to choose their besties.

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Traits of an Alpha Male

Ladies love alphas, and beta men let alphas accomplish pretty much anything they desire. This is how it is into the wild, until an alpha becomes ill and bites the dust, or is truly tested by a beta who wishes to turn into the new alpha.

In human culture, the alpha rules until he gets anchored up or is pushed aside by a more astute, more youthful official. Same thoughts. Isn’t it!

Here’s what distinguishes Alphas from Betas: –

  •         Alpha Males Are Assertive, Betas Are Passive
  •         Alphas Are Gentlemen, Betas are just ‘Decent folks’
  •         Alphas Believe in ‘Change or Accept It’ Betas Bitch About It
  •         Alphas Seek Genuine Connection, Betas Seek Reasonable Validation
  •         Alphas Trust and Beliefs in Themselves, Betas Look to Others for Answers
  •         Alphas Acknowledge and Accept their Weaknesses, Betas Pretend They Don’t Exist
  •         Alphas Strive for Growth and Mastery, Betas Accept Mediocrity and the Status Quo
  •         Alphas Face and Fight Their Inner Demons, Betas Hide from Them (Or Use Them as Excuses)
  •         Alphas Communicate and Persuade with Class and Respect, Betas Throw Temper Tantrums

What Women Want

Different women have different taste and the general theory about an Alpha male that is liked by most of the women to choose the best.

Tall, Dark & Handsome

You must have heard of ‘tall, dark and handsome’ theory! Most of the women prefer choosing a taller mate as a partner. As per the research, women prefer at least 21 centimetres taller partner according to their height whereas men can satisfy themselves with 8 centimetres shorter women to their height. Generally, males are bigger, taller and bulkier than females. Alpha males are physically stronger and have larger body parts than Betas and female partners. They look great and impressive and are always in proper shape or attire.

The Dominating Factor

As per the study, women hate harmless men. Women wish to be partnered with a person who can dominate people around him. Not just physical strength, but they also look for facial expressions and features that reflect dominance over others. Dominant people can better protect their partner and children from the outer world in any given circumstances. Dominant people can provide better food, shelter, safety, and amenities to their family.

A Positive Leader

Women prefer to be with positive leaders who are successful and who leads a massive team of Beta males. An Alpha male proves is metal by achieving and succeeding swiftly in life. He believes in growing with his team instead of just looking for his own benefits. Women are more fascinated with people who are powerful and passionate about winning and leading businesses.

Mature Mindset

As per the research, women are more mature and sensible than men. They always admire people with a mature mindset and thoughtful vision. Alpha males are people with a smart mind, a good IQ, and a sensible thought process. They believe in taking wise and quick decisions instead of struggling with their own dilemma. The sharpness, promptness, and wisdom lure women to fall on men.

Other Attributes

Apart from these traits of an Alpha male, women also look for financial stability and status symbol of the partner. Alpha males with superrich financial stability and stunning status are always admired by women. Alpha males are always successful in achieving these two attributes and are successful in pleasing women with their achievements.

Final Words

It’s okay if you do not fit in all the attributes within. Don’t lose yourself in the rat race of becoming a perfectionist. Shine with whatever skills and attributes you possess and keep a soft corner for everybody in the world. Be calm, generous, and kind-hearted while focusing on your goals and vision. As advised earlier, different women like different people and not all of them are Alpha male but everyone gets a perfect partner that matches their personality.