The Glashutte Original is one of the biggest contenders in German watchmaking. Throughout its existence in the international market, it stayed relevant and competitive. The company made it this far because it designs its timepieces with the aim of highlighting old traditions while showcasing contemporary styles. This unusual fusion caught the attention of the majority of watch collectors. Aside from this, it has a rich heritage and impressive core values that you can’t find in any other brand. Keep on reading to find out the company’s story and its most notable timepieces that contributed to its success today.

The history of Glashutte Original

In the 1840s, the city of Glashutte started accommodating Germany’s finest watchmaking manufacturers, like Lange & Sohne. These companies flourished but failed to succeed due to the economic recession that occurred during world war I and world war II. Even after this crisis, the German industry faced difficulties in keeping up with modern watchmaking. It returned to its former glory due to Heinz Feifer who bought the town’s remaining workshop and started rebuilding it in 1994. His new company then produced the first Glashutte Original watches with perpetual calendar, moon phase complication, and 18-karat gold case. 

The company received the watch of the year award in early 2000 for producing its Senator Perpetual Calendar. Up until now, the Senator collection is the brand’s most popular timepiece. However, the company did not maintain its status of being an independent manufacturer. In 2001, it became a part of Swatch Group which helped it in expanding its operations exponentially. For instance, the company established the Glashutte Original Alfred Helig School of watchmaking in 2001 which aims to teach students the Glashutte tradition. 

Glashutte Original Today

Glashutte Original still occupies one of the best positions in the market by playing with its past and present designs. Most of its timepieces today feature asymmetrical dials and a signature of traditional Glashutte watchmaking. In 2005, the company received another award recognizing the great design of its PAnoMaticChrono. The company released collections with varying styles, including vintage to address the changing demands of the market.

What makes Glashutte Original stand out in the market?

It is undeniable that the company faced several failures and changes throughout its entire stay in the watchmaking industry. But its values are the reason why it is still one of the most regarded and respected luxury brands nowadays. Below is the list of the company’s brand values that it takes to heart and practice.

  • Excellence

Glashutte Original constantly improves the exterior and interior mechanisms of its watches. The reason why it continuously improves its timepieces is due to its desire for excellence. It wants to achieve the highest level of reliability, precision, and stability.  It does not offer watches in the market that do not reach the standards set by German watchmaking. 

  • Authenticity

From the name of the brand itself, you would know that it has its own way of crafting timepieces. It wants to offer watches that are one-of-a-kind because it always takes into practice the value of originality or authenticity. The company always aims to be one step ahead of its competitors by providing unique timepieces with new movements and complications. 

  • Modernity and Tradition

The company does not solely focus on its traditional way of crafting timepieces nor on modern watchmaking technology. It combines both of them to become competitive in the market. It invests in research and development to keep up with the changing market needs and demands while ensuring that its design still honors and respects the centuries-old tradition that helped it reach the pinnacle of success.

  • Exclusivity

All of the timepieces offered by the company have a limited production life. It means that there will come a time when the company will no longer manufacture them. Besides that, each model has only a few hundred pieces in the market. As a result, there is a scarcity in the supply of its watches. So if you are one of the lucky people who wear one, then you can enjoy the sense of exclusivity.

  • Beauty

Watches from Glashutte Original are not the typical time-telling tools because they are works of art. The company hires skilled craftsmen who pour so much effort into making flawless and beautiful watches. Every watch it makes available for sale has harmonious designs and artistic decorations.  

The best watches made by  Glashutte Original

  • Senator Excellence Panorama Date Moon Phase

This watch is under the Senator collection which aims to show the history of the company through the use of traditional design elements and complex mechanical movements. Before it entered the market, it underwent a series of rigorous tests to ensure that it is of high quality. One of the quality controls conducted by the manufacturer was to expose it to extreme conditions for one whole day.

The watch has a rounded moon display made using a diamond milling in Pforzheim. It has a black Louisiana Alligator leather band equipped with a stainless steel buckle. You will also love its attractive vibrant blue dial with luminous hour and markers. 

  • Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date Watch

This Panorama date watch with a seventies design is one of the timepieces with vintage aesthetics. The same with the previously mentioned model, it has a Louisiana alligator leather strap and a stainless steel buckle.

In terms of the appearance of the dial, it has white gold scales and watches hands placed in SuperLuminova. When you purchase this watch, it comes with a 30-minute display chronograph and power reserve display. 

  • PanoMaticInverse

A lot of watch collectors loved his PanoMaticInverse because of its eye-catching dial with a striped finish, vibrant blue screws, and dark blue dial. It has a unique visual appeal made possible by the inverse positioning of its components and asymmetric design.

On the left side of the watch, you can find the main house and minute watch hands. Below it you can see the small, off-center circle displaying the second hand.

In a Nutshell

The road to the success of Glashutte Original in the watchmaking industry was not easy. It conquered all the challenges in manufacturing timepieces because it religiously followed the brand’s values. It also helped the company produce watches with the highest quality. If you plan to buy any of its models, visit to gain discounts and better deals!