It is better to use bakuchi oil instead of retinol to reduce signs of ageing from the skin and to always look younger. Like retinol, it does not damage the skin when exposed to sunlight. Also, it always keeps the skin young.

There are many products available in the market to reduce facial wrinkles and signs of ageing. Retinol is an anti-ageing ingredient used in many skin care products. But if your skin is sensitive, the retinol in the product can affect your skin.

Bakuchiol is considered superior to retinol to reduce the symptoms of ageing. It is an extract found in the leaves and seeds of the plant. Babchi plant contains antibacterial and antioxidant and is extensively used in Ayurvedic medicine. Bakuchiol is more beneficial for skin than retinol in many ways.

Benefits of Bakuchi oil for Skin

Increase Collagen

Bakuchiol nourishes skin cells and keeps them healthy. It also helps to increase collagen and prevents damage. It works much faster on the skin than retinol.

Reduce fine line

This helps to produce enough collagen. It also reduces other signs of ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles. However, retinol also acts like bakuchi oil but it makes the skin dry. While using Bakucheol does not cause skin irritation.

Retinol is commonly used at night to remove wrinkles from the skin. While Bakuchiol can be used at any time of the day. It is beneficial for all skin types. Bakuchiol repairs the skin from the inside and prevents damage.

The speciality of Bakuchiol is that there is no side effect when used with any other product. Whereas retinol should never be used with an exfoliator or toner. Bakuchiol is equally effective with other products. It can be used with serum, moisturizer or lotion. Like retinol, it does not damage the skin when exposed to sunlight. Also, it always keeps the skin young.

What Research work says?

According to the researchers, the chemical bakuchi oil found in bakuchi oil seeds is an anti-ageing element.

Research has revealed that it removes spots on the face much better than retinol.

Babchi plant grown on the ground floor reduces the effect of age on the face and also reduces stains. According to research published in the journal British Journal of Dermatology, the chemical bakuchi oil found in the seeds of the Indian plant bakuchi oil is antibacterial and antioxidant. Which has been used for a long time in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. It is better than vitamin-A (retinol).

According to Ayurvedakacharya Balakrishna, it is also known as Bavchi or Bakuchi which is used in many diseases including ringworm, itching, white spots and toothache. The seeds and roots of babchi are used as medicine. For example, by grinding the roots of babchi and frying, mixing alum and brushing it ends toothache, worms and pyorrhea. Its seeds can be purchased online at the rate of Rs 45 per kg.

Why Bakuchi Is Better Than Retinol?

Retinol is used as an anti-ageing element in most skincare products, a type of vitamin-A. But many times its side effects come in the form of a rash on the skin. Retinal and retinyl, another type of vitamin-A, are also used in some skincare products. But women who want to become pregnant or mother are not advised to use it. Because the side effects of its heavy dose can be seen on the child.

To protect against such dangers, scientists used the Indian plant Babachi in their research. The research involved 44 people. They were asked to apply 0.5 per cent bakuchi oil or retinol on the face twice daily. This was done for 12 weeks.

What Experts have to say?

To get better results of the research, the researchers used photographs, advice from dermatologists and user-asked questions and answers. As a result, both chemicals reduced 20 per cent facial wrinkles. Those who used retinol complained of prickling on the skin. But most people who used Bakuchiol were significantly reduced in their wrinkles and spots compared to retinol.

Dermatologist Anjali Mahato says, quitting retinol forever when the side effect is revealed is not right. It also has many advantages. People who do not like to use retinol can use retinal or retinal other forms of retinol. This research needs to be done on a very large scale. Only then will we be able to know if retinol is better than bakuchi oil. Yes, people who do not like retinol at all can use bakuchi oil.

In India, the Babchi plant is found in rocky areas. Its height is 1-4 feet. The length of the leaf is 1 to 3 inches. The purple-coloured plant is used in Ayurveda to treat fever, leprosy, cough, haemorrhoids, inflammation and worms in teeth.