Teenage is an age when your children either make their life or destroy. It is actually the time when your child chooses a way to go. It is the time when you should keep eye on your kids to see what they are doing where they are going? What are their friends? And in each case, the web has the largest influence on the mind of the kid.  Parents always worried about their kids, and they want to keep their kids safe from bad people and habits. Here in this article, I am going to introduce an application that is best for parents its FamiSafe Parental control app.  This FamiSafe app is one of the best location tracker app that allows you to track your kid’s location using this application.

Parents want to secure their kids from online web and apps that are not good for their kids. They can ask their kids to not use but when parents are not watching their kids can see some immoral indecent content on the internet. The question is raised how they can control their kids from the world of the internet?

Location / Phone tracking perform

Android Phone Tracking the full read is laborious to rewrite however zooming can show a lot of details. If you have got one GPS coordinates circle that almost all most likely means that your child is in a very automobile, a bus, or another vehicle, However, multiple circles indicate a stop, for instance, the second screenshot represents a visit to the market, whereas the third shows cardiopulmonary exercise in a very public park. You will be able to additionally navigate within the past to examine out different days. I’ve been exploitation the app for every week currently, and that I have information for all days.

Real-time GSP location tracker

The time period location has not a lot of thereto; however, it’s one of the key options of the app and is usually obtainable even within the free app. It simply shows the placement of your child beside his/her phone battery level and time of the newest GPS coordinates update.

Geo-fence phone location tracking

The Geo-fences section is admittedly nice albeit with one limitation. It permits you to line a fringe from one hundred meters to 1km around varied locations to urge alerts whenever your child enters or leaves the vicinity. It’s straightforward to feature a Geo-fence around your current location, and searchable locations like colleges, sports centers, searching malls, etc…, However you cannot simply add a far-off location like a fan house since it’s not searchable. It’s still potential to feature it however you have got to be physically gifted. Withal, it’s very helpful to urge alerted once your child leaves or enters home or faculty. I don’t perpetually check my phone notifications, and my phone is typically set to “Do not disturb”, therefore I additional FamiSafe to my smartwatch to urge necessary notifications right my articulation plane.

FamiSafe Notifications

The ability to trace a telephone will bring peace of mind to folks. Note that from time to time I’d not be able to track the phone, albeit the time period location was still updated.

Real-time Locations

FamiSafe enables you to have data regarding your child’s current location with correct mapping and current battery proportion.

You can check the placement History for places that they visit most frequently. It’s additionally doable to make Geo-fences for any desired locations and obtain notified whenever they enter or leave that place.

Smart Schedules

 Time length, location, and date or day it’s to be blocked. Once you set a wise schedule the device can block mechanically counting on your required settings.

Smart schedule – FamiSafe

Screen Time

With screen time you will be able to grasp the time that the screen of the target smartphone has been active.

Screen time – FamiSafe options

You can additionally set the closing date of the screen victimization the Set screen closing date choice. For e.g., if you set the timer for ten minutes then the kid won’t be allowed to use any app when ten minutes.

Location History

If your child loves exploring new places and you’re forever finite, puzzling over the places they’re going to, then it’s time to stay the record of all those places. By simply victimization the placement History feature you may get the list of all the places that your child has been to. Not simply the visited places, the time that they stayed there’ll conjointly seem on the screen.

Pricing plans for FamiSafe 

Well, there’s a complete of 3 packages offered for you all.

  1. $9.99/month (if you pay monthly, five devices per account)
  2. $6.99/month (if you pay quarterly, ten devices per account)
  3. $4.99/month (if you pay yearly, thirty devices per account)

Link to download this app

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