It is seen throughout the years that any innovation in communication technology is welcomed warmly by businesses. Organizations intend to use these new digital tools to increase the quality of customer service. The trend of using tech in contact centers started at the beginning of the 1950s. It started with the advent of 1-800 numbers. The technological integration continued with Interactive Voice Response, online databases, emails, online help desks, and social media.

All of these tech adaptations through the years helped the previously known call centers evolve into contact centers. They created a pattern of customer-focused growth and integration of additional multi-channels. These factors now define what contact center operations stand for.

The integration of the latest tech in contact centers allows the provision of quality customer service. The reduced waiting periods and increased accessibility of customer support results in consumer satisfaction. Around 89% of brands compete through the quality of the customer service they provide. It is in the best interests of any company to adopt contact center tech, which generates satisfied customers. Therefore, we have listed here the topmost trends of contact center tech, which result in consumer satisfaction.

  1. Advanced Customer Self Service

Providing the best self-service is quite essential for the success of a contact center. Experts of the industry claim that consumers’ gravitation towards self-service is most likely to grow in the future. This means that people will become even more hesitant to contact a live person about their problems. They would most rather prefer to reach to a self-service channel to file their complaints or inquiries. Thus, it is a significant tool that businesses are investing in a great degree for the coming years.

  1. AI and Machine Learning

According to contact center experts, 85%  of customer support will end up being resolved through AI in the coming years. This is why 78% of contact centers have already adopted or planning to integrate AI in their systems. At the same time, 80% have resorted to using chatbot technology.

It is definitely a path that will not be free of its own challenges. Many business people believe that AI boosts productivity and enables a keener focus on high-order problems. However, the same people are also concerned that it can disrupt their daily contact operations. This trend, although highly in demand, also has its fair share of opposers.

  1. Digital Channels

About a quarter of operation managers for contact centers prioritize adding new social media channels to their business. This is essential to the success of contact centers now and also in further years. Inquiries and complaints from customers increasingly come through social media. The number has actually increased to 250% in the past couple of years.

Some Companies like 6$Essay that have failed to adopt customer support on social media tend to fall behind in the industry. This happens both in terms of response time and accessibility. It is crucial as 90% of customers prefer to use social media channels for their questions. This is also because social media customer support has the least amount of waiting time. For a live chat, the time period is forty-eight seconds, while 1-6 hours for posts.

What is even more beneficial is that solving customer issues through social media costs one-sixth compared to traditional ways. Customers who are assisted through social media are also more ready to become advocates for a brand.

  1. Advanced and Predictive Data Analysis

Data analytics help increase efficiency, improve growth, and increase a contact center’s ROI. While it is not a new concept, advanced data analytics still provides firms with new doorways for leveraging data. It allows businesses to better serve their customers by understanding them.

Predictive analytics uses data about previous customer behavior to anticipate their future decisions. It is the newest in data analytics tools. This technology empowers brands to manage their product demand better. It also helps in optimizing resources, especially in the human resources section. The performance assessment is made easy through it, and the customer’s experience is more enriching.

  1. Voice Response Tech

While Interactive Voice Response has been here since the 1970s, there are much newer and improved advances in this technology. These upgrades have made it an even more important tool that enables quality customer service—especially when used alongside AI and chatbots.

The new IVR caters to the customer preference for voice search tools, digital assistants, and automatic service. The overall results of following this technological trend have two sides. Firstly, customer service through IVR costs only $1 per customer. In comparison, live chats costs at least $5 while telephone call services cost up to $12.

IVR is basically a very affordable and effective tool for mapping the customer journey. It allows businesses to create procedures based on logic and with the alignment of the brand’s goals.

  1. Customer Recognition Software

A critical component of customer service quality is customer recognition. 72% of consumers expect that customer service agents will have access to their purchase history. And also, almost half of the customer base expects to be treated specially for being loyal customers. Therefore, it is not surprising for contact centers to invest in advanced customer recognition software. This enables their customer support representatives to meet the expectations of the consumers.

The more virtual accessibility we have, the more unpredictable our purchasing decisions have become. Customers are always looking for faster responses to their inquiries and expect to get the most from their service experience. Thus, contact centers have to work harder and integrate the newest tech for ensuring a long-term bond with customers.

The use of the best tech tools wisely drives customer satisfaction to the highest levels. Satisfied customers, in turn, help a brand compete more confidently in the industry. Quality customer service is the key to business growth, even more than pricing or attributes of a brand. For more content like this, reach out to a custom essay writing service online. We offer the best essays, articles, or any other material on any subject you require.

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