Custom corrugated boxes are commonly used for shipping purposes. That’s why they are sometimes known as custom shipping boxes as they are used for the purposes of direct shipping by keeping your product safe. Along with shipping these corrugated boxes are also used to pack various other retail boxes just to adopt different packaging styles in the market. According to the packaging and printing industry of the USA, the annual shipping quantity has increased by about 25%. So, we can assume the usage of shipping boxes also has jumped to 20-25% or even more.

Basically, the corrugated stock is used to make a shipping box and there are four main types of corrugated stock that are used to manufacture the shipping box. Following we have mentioned these four types of corrugated stock to give your clear picture.

  1. Single Faced Corrugated Stock
  2. Single Wall corrugated stock
  3. Double Wall Corrugated Stock
  4. Triple Wall corrugated Stock

It is also observed that many online shopping retailers are also equipped with custom corrugated mailer boxes to ship their products to their clients. Although their products are not breakable or sensitive like clothes, shoes, etc. But they still use corrugated boxes to assure that the products safe while shipping. There are many types of corrugated shipping boxes and have slight differences in their shapes and usage. To give you a clear concept about what are the best-corrugated shipping boxes for specific reasons, following we have discussed all of them. So, you can better have an understanding of each of them.

Corrugated Shipping box

The first and the foremost type of shipping box is a custom corrugated shipping box that is heavily deployed into the market. It comes in various shapes and styles. This is the most common style which will be the first choice of any online retailer. Custom corrugated boxes provide firm and rigid support to the product and save it from any unconscious damage. Therefore this is the most usable and valuable cardboard shipping boxes type.

shipping box quantity

Five panel Wrap Box

The five-panel wrap box or the custom mailer box is the second most used cardboard shipping box that many retailers and manufacturers have used to ship their products to the clients. The style of the custom mailer box is pretty unique and appealing which impresses the client while opening the product packaging.

Full Overlap Box

This type of box is used to ship heavy products because of its structural strength. The strongest and rigid structure of this box provides extremely powerful support to uplift or uphold the heavy items very comfortably. In this shipping box type, a flap of a side completely overlaps to the other side when you fold the carton, all of the sides are attached as one this thick bottom and top of the shipping box enhance shipping box strength enormously. Therefore we call it the giant of all of the shipping boxes.

Normal Slotted Box

This is the most economical and another most usable shipping box type in the world. The structure of the shipping box consists of four flaps of equal length. The two of the outer flaps are meet at the center of the box when they fold.  This type of shipping box has all the specifications that a top corrugated shipping box should have, like a cost-effective solution, stronger enough to hold the products, and many other features.

Half-Slotted with cover Shipping Box

This two-piece cardboard shipping box is basically used to pack the heavyweight products. The rigid bottom area of the shipping box provides an ultimate weight-bearing capacity that can hold heavier products easily.

Final words

We have tried our best to convey knowledge about the best types of corrugated shipping boxes. Here, I would like to mention that are providers of small and medium-sized shipping cartons. We hope after reading this article you will definitely shortlist which type of shipping box should have the best replacement for your existing shipping box. Remember that corrugated stock is not used for shipping boxes only. Using this stock, you can prepare any kind of box style including the most famous ones like 2 piece box, roll end tuck etc. So, you should also know about the corrugated card stock that is a bit different from the conventional stock.

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