To provide protection against breakage and cracking for cannabis products, cannabis boxes are used. You can mold these boxes into any size and shape to best fit your product because of its flexible nature. Customization options of these packages allow you to promote your brand through it using different printing techniques. You can print your business and product information on them and save a lot of money instead of wasting it on different promotional methods. These boxes come in a number of designs, shapes, and styles to attract your customer through them. Kraft, cardboard, and paper boards are the main production materials for these boxes, which make them highly cost-effective and easy to manufacture. The nature of these materials is recyclable and biodegradable, which makes thesse boxes nontoxic for the environment. Standings and place holders are also can be found in them to protect your glass bottles or jars.

People are using cannabis boxes to store their marijuana to keep it fresh and clean these days. But to store it in these packages, there some factors to consider first. Here in this article, you will get to know about some incredible ways to store your marijuana for a long time with this packaging.

Left-out the plastic:

Before talking about solutions to preserves, the first thing that you make sure of is to never use plastic for storage. Plastic is not an option when you are looking to store marijuana for a long time. The static charge that plastic produces can be bad for the succulent trichome. That is why you should eliminate it and send it away from your flower. It is not just bad for your product, but its wastes can also cause a lot of damage to our environment. This non-biodegradable substance takes a long period to decompose; that is why it cannot be recycled to use into something useful. Cannabis boxes have proven to be the best alternate for this harmful substance.

Keep it moist:

Cannabis products need 50 to 60 percent humidity for their better storage. A humidor is a device that maintains this level of humidity. If you do not have access to any humidor, all you have to do is to pack an orange peel, carrot, or wet cotton ball with your product in the package to do the same function as the humidor. But do not do that if your marijuana product is already drier. Excess moisture can also be a reason to spread bacteria quickly in your product. That is why you have to be careful about keeping them moist.

Use Paper as a Fail-Safe:

Folding in a clean napkin, printer paper, and paper towel can be beneficial for your marijuana before putting in your cannabis package. Make sure to soften your paper by crunching it before packaging your herb. Paper has the benefit of providing protection against odor, which can destroy your herb easily. While other solutions like plastic bags and cling wraps are for just looking easy, but they are not as good as paper. That is why most of the big herb manufacturing companies use cannabis packages because it uses cardboard and kraft papers in their production. 

Use parchment to prevent damage:

Packing your marijuana into a parchment paper that is most popular in packing concentrate and then places it in the package would be a lot of benefits for your product. From this, you just have created a built-in surface for breaking apart your nugs and joints so that they can easily be used when needed without disturbing the whole store in the box. Shatter, rosin, resin, and sugar wax are the products that are also storing already by this paper. The solution to use this paper would make a positive impact on your customer. By providing this partition and ease in your cannabis box will have a positive and attractive impact on your customer.

Temperature control:

While storing marijuana in CBD boxes, it is necessary to maintain the temperature of the box. Do not put your box in a freezer or refrigerator. High temperatures and high humidity can cause your herb to fluctuate quickly. Not maintain temperature can also cause brittle looking trichomes that will fall off with just one touch. Though if you are storing ice has, then you can use freezers for their storage. For valuable products like marijuana, the optimal temperature should be a must thing.

Pack it in foil:

The use of aluminum inside your cannabis packaging has become traditional. But you should not avoid it as it can help you to protect your herb and weed products from heat, light, and air. If you are delivering your product at a local station, it will be perfect. But in case of shipping, it can bunch up and poke the trichomes of your herb that can cause sticking and wasting.

What not to do:

One of the worst ways to store your marijuana is to use a plastic bag. They are vacuum-sealed, so there is a good possibility that your product will be lost its potency in a short period of time. It can also make your herb tasteless and brittle, and that would make a bad impression about your brand on the customer. Try to avoid freezing your marijuana because it will dry out all of its moisture. Try to avoid touching with hands; the trichomes that the herb contains will break off and stick to your fingers. Which will decrease the quality of your herb, and people would not like it. A lot of handling can also be a cause to shake your business.

Cannabis boxes have become the main factors behind the success of every marijuana industry because of its effectiveness. They are highly cost-effective and proven to be a reason for the promotion of many businesses. In these ways, you can easily store your marijuana or herbs in these packages.