The spooky Halloween season is finally upon us, and businesses are looking to get in on the action to boost their sales. The creepy cobwebs are up, the pumpkins are carved, and the weed stock is full. This is the time to make a killing by boosting your dispensary sales this Halloween. And the tips and tricks mentioned below are exactly how you get there.

According to the Green Market Report, Halloween is the third most popular holiday and is excellent for cannabis sales.

Tips on Increasing Sales In Your Dispensary This Halloween

So, here’s what you need to know to increase your dispensary sales this Halloween:

Early Online Sales Promotion

As with any other business, it’s always important to start promoting your business early to make the most of the coming holiday. The internet is the best way to reach your audience and keep them updated on your discounts and online sale offers. While most people prefer shopping at a physical dispensary, the ease of shopping online will increase your online sales and popularity.

The easiest way to boost your CBD dispensary sales is through online sales. You can easily display a wide range of products and have a broader market coverage. Like other online businesses, you will need to use keyword research, white label link building service, and SEO optimized content to increase your online popularity and presence.

Showcase Savings on Spooky Strains

Besides just buying cannabis products from your dispensary, your customers also want to see you get in action. You can do this by showcasing your special sales on some of your most prized strains using spooky names. Name them after nuclear disasters, magic monsters, or even customized clown criminals. Remember to make them as spooky as possible but still maintain their quality.

Or you can also stock up your store with more potent strains to sell to your customers. But ensure they know what they are buying and what they are in for. Remember, most people aren’t well-versed with all cannabis strains or their potency. Therefore, you want to ensure that they are on your top shelf, where customers can easily spot them.

Stock Up on Cannabis Candy and Other Edibles

Cannabis candy and edibles are usually the fastest to go, especially during special holidays like Halloween. Being as parties are usually the main activity during Halloweens, you can always count on them to be a hot item. And it would help if you didn’t disappoint by running out of stock.

Cannabis candies and other edibles usually fetch the highest profit margin compared to other cannabis products. Ensure, therefore, that you take advantage of this time of the year by stocking on edibles. You can also put up bulk texting campaigns to help promote your edibles and remind your customers that you have everything they’ll ever need for this special night. And Halloween-themed edibles are the best way to do it.

Stock Up on Seasonal Accessories

Holidays are times where customers buy products they believe will feature perfectly with their holiday themes. There’s just something about Halloween that gets people excited. It’s finally time to buy those trinkets to hang around your home.

As a dispensary owner, this is the perfect time to stock up on seasonal accessories that also match your cannabis inventory. Therefore, it’s always essential to grab some essential extras that your customers can easily toss in their goodie bags. You want to get yourself and your store ahead of the game by stocking up on Halloween themes disposables that you know will sell. These may include pods, cartridges, wraps, and even novelty rolling papers.

You could even keep it simple and give your customers free Halloween themed keychains or lighters if they make specific purchases. Customers love free stuff, and might buy your products if they know it comes with free accessories.

Haunting Décor

Decorating your dispensary in preparation for Halloween is also an integral part of enhancing customer experience. You want to give your customers a buying experience they will not forget any time soon. And you can do that by hanging up Halloween lights, cobwebs, balloons, and more to create that spooky feeling customers crave on Halloween.

The best way of making this project effective is to involve your dispensary staff as well. You can also get them to wear scary costumes to match the décor. This will definitely get your customers smiling from the point they enter your store.

You can also offer free “regular” cannabis products like candies to your customers whenever they enter your shop and after making purchases. Make your clients feel that you appreciate them. It is these little details that help heighten your Halloween theme. Add some scary, freaky music to the mix too, and you’ve got a haunting atmosphere your customers want to see.

The Bottom Line

A night like Halloween is one of immense marketing and sales opportunities provided you play your cards right. As a marijuana dispensary, you must start planning for such important holidays soon before the holidays arrive for the best results. And the steps mentioned above are an excellent place to start.