Ethernet the famous network standard comprises of copper cables. No matter when we talk about the word “ethernet” The term ethernet cables comes to our mind. So, what are ethernet cables? What special do they have to offer? If you want to know the answer to these questions, keep reading this article. In this article, we will discuss what are the main differences between ethernet cables and fiber optic cables.

Ethernet Cables Are Actually Copper Cables:

As we discussed above that the ethernet cables are commonly known as copper cables. Now, why copper cables? The answer is very simple, copper is the material they are made of. Whether coaxial cables or simple category cables, all are made from copper material. Yes, the differences come in the outer jacketing. Rest the main internals are pretty much the same presented in a different way.

Why Consider Ethernet Cables?

  • Good Connectivity 

Ethernet cables or copper cables offer more than enough performance for forming a local area network at school or office. These cables have a total of four twisted pairs. If we talk about the number of conductors, then they are 8. All these conductors are packed in the form of pairs. A standard Ethernet cable would do the job for you for the most part. If you need the very best speed and bandwidths then you might have to consider another option otherwise, these cables shave more than enough capability.

  • Cheaper Compared To Fiber Optic Cables

Now, the fiber optic cable world isn’t easy to enter for a novice. A person who has just dived into the networking world may not afford the high price tag of different types of fiber optic cables. Here such a person would prefer to buy cat6 1000ft cables. As these cables have mediocre internals compared to the fiber optic cables. So, their price is also a bit low.

  • Wide Compatibility 

Once you have formed a local area network you can choose any type of copper cable. All types of cable accessories ch as patch panels, keystone jacks, and faceplates are compatible with copper cables such as cat6 1000ft. So, you don’t have to change the whole setup when you buy any network accessory.

Why Fiber Optic Cables?

  • Solid Internal

We know for what reason the fiber optic cables are famous, it’s their unmatched internals. These cables have a center core that is made with glass strands. The light signals pass through this center core and hence the speed at which these cables transfer data is much better compared to copper cables.

  • Blazing Speeds

Let’s be honest, everyone considers fiber optic cables because of their blazing fast speed. If you want a more enhanced networking setup at your office or any other commercial place, fiber optic cable should be your pick.

  • Future Proof 

Being a more advanced networking cable, the fiber optic cables are the ones to consider for the future. They have better internals, enhanced medium, and solid overall construction.

Conclusion of Cat6 1000ft Cable

All the technicalities’ capabilities of cat6 1000ft plenum cables and fiber optic cables have been explained. With fiber optic cables, you may not have too many advantages but their reliability factor is the key factor. Whereas, the fiber optic cables will help you achieve the best bandwidths speeds within no time.