Laminar Airflow framework can be characterized as a framework that offers persistent airflow which is uniform both way and speed. Laminar Air Flow Hoods or Cabinets give unidirectional airflow in a constrained assigned space. They make the anti particulate the working region by smothering air through a filtration framework and depleting it over the work surface.

What is a Laminar Flow Cabinet?

Laminar Air Flow Cabinets are nooks intended to stream HEPA separated air with uniform speed and direction. This unidirectional airflow assists with maintaining sterility and prevents cross-contamination.

How Laminar Air Flow cupboards are made?

Laminar Air Flow Cabinets or Hoods are commonly comprised of stainless steel with no holes or joints. As there are no holes the entry and assortment of the contaminants are easily prevented.

How accomplish they work?

Laminar flow hoods incorporate a channel pad, a fan, and a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulates Air Filter). The fan draws air through the channel cushion. The residue is caught in the channel cushion. This pre-separated air goes through the HEPA channel where contaminants, for example, fungi, bacteria, and microparticles are evacuated. The sterile, contaminant-free air flows into the work region where all the work procedures should be possible with no danger of defilement. There is at least one HEPA channel remembered for the laminar airflow cabinet. The framework is encased on sides and steady positive air pressure is kept up.

Laminar Air Flow framework can be chosen dependent on the kind of work, work surface plan, process area, clearance prerequisites, and administrator safety.

There are two principal kinds of laminar airflow cabinets, Vertical and Horizontal.


Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinets/Hoods: In vertical cabinets, the channel is top-mounted, situated over the working environment. Right now, the air gets blown vertically from the highest point of the cabinet straight down onto the working territory and sanitizes the work surface. Air at that point gets expelled of the working spot through the gaps present in the cabinet base. As air flows vertically it additionally secures the administrator as well. The administrator should utilize defensive clothing and gloves to shield from hazardous material.

As air flows vertically, straight down, it reinforces the impact of gravity and sweeps particles out of the nook.

These cabinets require less space and are perfect for the blending of sterile items. There are fewer chances of cross-pollution as air flows vertically. Be that as it may, changing channels requires step-ladder as channels are top-mounted. One can’t stack things as it impedes airflow.

Horizontal Laminar Flow cabinets: In horizontal cabinets, the channel is back situated, behind the work surface. Right now streams horizontally over the work surface, go towards the client, and get expelled of the work environment. These kinds of cabinets are anything but difficult to introduce and position. The horizontal airflow assists with keeping up the contamination-free condition. This sort offers constrained insurance to the administrator; in any case, hands and gloves are less debased as air blows over the item. Horizontal cabinets require more space.

Things to recollect before beginning work

  • Before utilizing the cabinet consistently swipe out the work zone with cotton or tissue paper absorbed 70% ethanol, and afterward turn on the laminar stream in any event for 15 minutes. It is pertinent for both vertical or horizontal sort.


  • Unwrapping up of samples ought to be done a long way from the channels.

Laminar airflow hood frequently incorporates a UV germicidal light. UV lights are kept on for 15 minutes before beginning work. These lights help to clean the inside piece of the hood and prevent contamination. During the utilization of laminar flow hoods, it is fundamental to turn off the UV lights since the introduction to UV can be hazardous for the administrator.


Laminar airflow cabinets are appropriate in research centers where the defilement free condition is essential, particularly in clinical, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical labs. The uniquely crafted laminar cabinets can likewise be structured according to the particular necessity of the research center. Be that as it may, while working with naturally dangerous material, neither vertical nor horizontal laminar stream is suitable. In such cases just affirmed frameworks, for example, Class II, Type A2 Biosafety cabinet ought to be utilized. is a leading brand for modern lab equipment including laminar airflow. It provides all types of laminar airflow whatever you need and also helps you to design your lab properly.

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