Internet connection is very important in today’s era, no matter what we humans live in such a time that for us nothing is more essential than an internet connection. It’s because our lives heavily depend on the internet, it’s like it moves our life and we cannot function without the internet as it is required in everyday life. If we don’t get an internet connection or our internet stops working it feels like our life has stopped working, many of our important things which are to do can’t be done because of the unavailability of the internet.

Broadband companies or organization

We need to understand that the internet which we can use and the internet connection is available to us 24/7 is due to the broadband companies and most importantly the technicians and the workers. They work there to provide us with a strong internet connection at our doorstep.

These broadband technicians belong to such companies who have kept them on the contract basis, which means that’s they are contractual employees. This also means that there is no job security like whenever according to companies, they think that their employee is not performing well and as they aren’t on permanent jobs so they can be layoff or fired without any warning or informing them before.

Broadband technicians and workers

We have to realize that broadband technicians are the ones who are sitting on the helping desk and are working outdoor and visiting our homes if we face any issue regarding the internet. They are the ones who address our complains no matter what and try to fix it for us that we won’t face any further delay in using the internet.

We all can witness that in COVID 19, the availability of the internet was the most important thing for all of us. During this pandemic, the responsibility of the availability of the internet was on the broadband technicians. During the difficult and challenging times, they made it possible for us to use the internet without any hindrances. And due to the pandemic and such a fatal disease, everything was under lockdown. And the mobility of humans was restricted and was asked to stay and work from home. So that risk of spreading of the disease could be prevented, and even in such situation broadband technicians were the ones who made it thinkable to take such measures; otherwise, the situation would be worse.

Pressure on broadband organizations and technicians

As during the pandemic, not only the broadband organizations but the broadband technicians were also under pressure to provide the fast speed internet to the customers and users. Moreover, due to work from home and online classes and a few various reasons, there was a significant 60% increase in internet traffic, which means that during the pandemic the usage of the internet was significantly increased as compared to the before the pandemic. So the broadband technicians have to maintain and ensure the internet stability, its speed, its connectivity, and much more.

COVID 19 threat to the Broadband technicians to keep the restoration of communication between people:

During the pandemic, broadband technicians had to risk out their lives as people who are using the internet if they faced any problem. Hence, the technicians had to visit their houses or the area to repair and fix the internet problem. The company had to make sure that before the technicians or the worker gets into some one’s house or place to repair the issue regarding the internet, then they have to take the several safety measures such as protective gear, masks, and to keep themselves sanitized and disinfected constantly to stay protected and not to contract such kind of fatal respiratory disease. And not only to stay safe themselves but also need to make sure that they are not the ones who are transferring the disease to their customers when they pay a visit to their home.

However, it’s a significant threat to the technicians and workers even they are functional and working during the pandemic just to keep their customers satisfied. Broadband organizations have been continuously working day and night so their internet users won’t be sitting idly at home and complaining about the internet connection. But on the other, the internet companies are working for their customers so that their important work won’t get stopped so that their customers can easily do their office work from home so that the people stay connected to their families even being far away. And stay well aware of every ongoing situation.

Broadband workers and organizations are the ones because of them; we were able to continue with our work and kept ourselves busy.

Broadband engineers in danger:

During the COVID 19 many threatening things and schemes have come up. There has been some baseless and ruthless rumor that the spreading of such deadly respiratory disease has some connections and its related to the in the wake of 5g technology. Even though the famous social media application such as Facebook has taken the measures against those specific groups, who are misrepresenting the information and spreading the wrong information, they are trying threatening the companies who are running and introducing the new and better technology of 5g. The situation has gone so worse that the companies and organizations who are offering the broadband services of 5g have to come forward and clarify the situation and even had to make a request to people to not to consider such false allegation true as they are totally baseless. Moreover, when such allegations are made that due to introducing of 5G technology, such deadly disease Coronavirus has started, then it’s an open threat to the broadband technicians and workers. They are under constant risk of getting laid off as people will stop using this technology just because of groundless and fabricated news. Even in this scenario, the government should come forward to help the broadband organizations and technicians or workers to get out of such crises.

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