Thinking about casinos, especially poker rooms, usually conjures images of sharply dressed men, beautiful ladies, exquisite drinks and an air of luxury. In this article, we will take a closer look at the first and examine what exactly makes the “poker men” archetype such an appeal to ladies.

A lot of what we think about the casino culture is highly influenced by movies and television. If a movie is set in a casino, the chances are that the main character will be a confident and handsome man. Some of the prominent examples include Matt Damon’s character in Rounders or the always suave James Bond in Casino Royale. While a handsome face and sculpted body certainly help, there are many things that any man can do to emulate this look.

Dress For The Occasion

As Vesper Lynd said in Casino Royale: “There are dinner jackets, and then there are dinner jackets”. If you dress sharply, not only the women playing in the casino will certainly notice, but you will also feel a massive confidence boost. Try to find a matching set of a jacket and pants, and complement that with a high-quality shirt.

Make sure it fits your body well – a suit that’s too large will make you look like a caricature, not a high-roller. While we’ll always recommend splurging for a tailored set, it can be a massive expense. Thankfully, many tailors offer to make adjustments to a store-bought suit as well, so you can look like a super-spy without breaking the bank.

Don’t Forget About The Details

Trust us – she will certainly notice. Immaculate attention to detail is a very attractive trait, which is why if you want to create an air of confidence about yourself, we recommend wearing subtle yet noticeable accessories such as cufflinks, ties or bow-ties, and a watch. While most people do fine with checking the time on their phone, a quality watch is not just a timekeeper – it’s a statement.

Of course, every man dreams of owning a Rolex, Blancpain or Patek, but there are many great affordable watches that look the part and, most importantly, are a quality product. Check out some of the Japanese mechanical watches – they combine classic looks, high-quality movement and a reasonable price.

There is a wide variety of accessories available in Norway, ranging from budget-conscious options to the very top of luxury brands. Expensive does not always mean the best, so we recommend doing some research and reading reviews before buying.

Be confident

Easier said than done, right? Actually, you might be surprised by how confident you start feeling once you get suited up in your formal attire. Once you start walking around the casino with a drink in your hand, dressed like a movie star, you will feel people checking you out. And that starts a positive feedback loop – you will be more confident because people pay attention to you. After all, you are more confident because people pay attention to you… And confident men win casino games more often.

What does confidence look like at a poker table? Is taking unnecessary risks confidence? No, that’s stupidity – going all-in when you have 7-2 in your hand is not confidence. Confidence is knowing when to fold and knowing when to take risks. And there are few things more attractive to a woman than someone who knows what they’re doing and doesn’t question themselves.

Our guest author and poker expert, Kristoffer Haagensen, explains that a calm and collected state of mind is very important when playing poker. If you are confident in your poker skills and your knowledge of the game, you will make more rational decisions. And, since having the winning cards in poker is only half the battle, a confident demeanor will make it easier to bluff your opponents.

Why Do Ladies Like Poker Men

With all of these factors considered, now’s the time to answer the big question – what makes this kind of character appeal to ladies? Apart from looking good – and trust us, you will with your new suit and nice accessories – an air of confidence makes women feel safe in your company. Being entertaining and witty is a bonus that will keep her engaged in a conversation with you.

Women also like risk-takers. While the stereotypical rebel who doesn’t obey society’s rules might sound appealing in a daytime TV show, in reality, they would make terrible long-time partners. Risk-taking poker men, however, are the exact opposite – they provide stability and comfort while not being afraid to try new things, and women find that exciting. Who doesn’t love a man that lets you escape your routine?


While only a few of us are gifted enough to look like Matt Damon or Daniel Craig, there are a lot of things you can do today to look like poker men. Wear a nice suit with quality accessories, be more confident, and women will look twice at you. If you want to practice your poker skills, check out norske betting sider to find the best online casinos in Norway!