Can I cancel Orangetheory class? (Policy & Fees)

cancel Orangetheory class

Orangetheory Fitness members can cancel classes easily through their mobile apps. When you sign up for a course but find that you can’t make it, the app will allow members to cancel their classes.

  • Orangetheory app is now available to download.
  • Check the classes you wish to remove.
  • If you click this button, the message “Remove Class” will be displayed. This means that your reservation is canceled.

For a $10-$12 late cancellation charge, cancel 8 hours or more before class starts.

Orangetheory Class Cancellation Policy

Orangetheory Fitness Studios does allow its members to cancel class schedules. Please give the studio notice at least eight hours before class begins.

You will be charged $10 to 12 dollars by the studio if, however, you don’t report your absence within the specified timeframe, such as 8 hours.

This is because most of the time there’s a wait list. People are waiting for their turn if a class is vacant. Failure to inform the teacher that you’ll be missing a class is a failure for someone who was waiting on the waitlist.

Orangetheory Cancellation and Non-Show fees

If you want to cancel a class, but you do it after 8 hours have passed, then you’ll pay between $10 and 12 (depending on the policy of your studio). To avoid the pinching costs of failure, it is important to give the notice early.

Orangetheory class cancellation

Orangetheory courses can be canceled in two ways.

  1. Orangetheory Studios can be reached by phone to cancel classes.
  2. Orangetheory has an app that allows cancellations. You simply go into your classes schedule, select cancel or delete the class.

To avoid paying cancellation fees, it is important to cancel at least eight hours prior to the start of the class. Before you cancel the class, make sure to contact your studio and ask if there is a different cancellation timeframe for the studio.

The studio policy may state that you can cancel classes up to 12 hours beforehand. However, cancelling the class only 8 hours before it starts will not work.

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What Happens if You Miss an Orangetheory Course?

You’re not alone if, despite having cancelled your class well in advance, which is usually eight hours, you still miss the Orangetheory session. OTF will waive the Orangetheory $12 no-show charge. Contact your studio to find out if they will allow you make-up the missed class.

The studio may deduct $12 from the credit card if, on the other hand you missed an Oranegtheory course but failed to communicate in time. This fee is known as the No-Show or Late Cancellation Fee.

Can Orangetheory waive late cancellation fees and non-show charges?

Orangetheory Fitness typically does not waive fees for late cancellations or no shows. You can expect a credit card charge to appear shortly after the class. As they claim, these fees stop people from frequently missing classes.

In some cases, you might not even have been aware that you would be in an emergency situation. Your family member was sick, or you may have had an emergency.

Many studios accept late cancellations or no shows to classes in such circumstances. You will be charged even if your class is rarely missed. It is possible that you will not be charged for a missed class if there is no waiting list. It doesn’t matter if you never missed a class with prior notice, or missed it more than six month ago.

Oranegtheory will not enforce these policies. These situations are just courtesy. You are not assured of getting the waiver even when you miss class.


Cancelling an Oranegtheory Class is as simple as calling your home studio, or canceling it on the OTF App. It is important to cancel the class at least eight hours in advance.

It is a disincentive to late cancel classes when you fail to do so on time.

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