Are you worried about the challenges that you may face while running Google Ads marketing campaign? Nothing to get worried about. This is quite natural.

Even an expert performing PPC marketing or any other marketing practice comes across several challenges. But that doesn’t mean, the expert is an amateur. It can happen to anyone. We are here to make you aware of such challenges that probably you can face while advertising your business online.

Yes, of course, you can look for an agency offering PPC management services to avoid the challenges. But that’s not the right way to deal with your marketing approaches. It is important to learn at least the basic things.

Keep reading the article to learn about the common challenges associated with Google Ads marketing campaign.

5 Top challenges you may face while running a PPC marketing campaign on Google AdWords

  1. Take care of your audience: The most obvious and very common mistake advertisers often make in this campaign is not taking care of the immediate audience. You may have a tendency of running a PPC marketing services campaign on Google without even researching the target audience. This is absolutely not done.

Researching on the right audience should always be the initial step while preparing to run a Google Ads campaign. This gives an insight into the audience’s behavior, their demand, interests, and helps you to design your business accordingly. Moreover, you can even choose the right set of keywords if you know your audience and can read their mind towards your business.

2. Monitor your competitors: Next challenge is witnessed while keeping up with the competitors. To stay ahead of the competition, it is necessary to learn about your competitors, track their activities, and then make a strong business decision creating a competitive edge.

To overcome your challenge regarding monitoring your competitors, we will recommend using tools like SpyFu. Such tools are designed to spy on the competitors’ ad copies, keywords used, advertising trends and techniques, and so on. An overall report on competitor analysis is enough to run a competitive campaign and gain success through online advertisements on Google.

3. Link your landing page: Next challenges arise when the ad copy is not linked with any landing page. Even there occurs a situation when the landing page itself has the least information related to the advertisement. Such issues ruin the overall performance and cut down the overall Quality Score.

Linking your ads to the landing page is very important. An ad copy is just an outlet that leads the visitors to the main shop resembling a landing page. Hence the landing page should be properly designed keeping the ad copy in mind.

For example, if the ad copy is about spreading brand awareness, the landing page should have a registration form just to generate quality leads. If the ad content is about discounts and offers, the landing page should contain the product or service details along with an immediate option to shop.

Landing pages depend upon the type of ad content and the marketing goal for which you have created your ad. While optimizing your ad copy and updating it with further details, make sure you do the same for your landing page.

4. Make sure your site work on mobile: Next challenge is setting up a website that works on both mobile and desktop platforms. Even if you own a small-scale business, a mobile-friendly site is necessary to grow further and to attain a strong position in the competitive digital marketplace.

Before you make your ad content live on Google, you must check and optimize your site based on mobile-friendly factors. If you advertise your business without having a mobile-optimized website, two things are more likely to happen.

First, you may lose many of your prospective buyers. As people nowadays, prefer to shop online using their mobile devices.

Second, you may suffer from a low Quality Score which is not at all good for your online business.

5. Setting up conversion tracking: When you are running a campaign on Google AdWords, it is a must to track the conversion rates in order to learn about the ad performance. In fact, building conversions is one of the most effective reasons behind setting up an ad campaign.

Google Ads itself has a feature to track the conversions and determine the conversion rate from the overall campaign. This will help you to keep transparency with your business and goals, allowing you to make achievements with ease.

Key takeaway

Google Ads, unlike other advertising platforms, is easy to use and quite friendly for every business irrespective of its type and size. Despite having so many perks, you may face trouble in the whole process.

Overcoming the challenges and leading your business with a marketing spirit is a sign of a good marketer. Research on every aspect before running your Google Ad campaign and optimize your business process accordingly.

Isn’t this comfortable? For more assurance, you can find a digital marketing service provider and run a stress-free advertising campaign for your business.

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