Most students studying in schools, colleges, and universities have the right to appeal the decisions made by the committee. The appeal first goes to the person or unit that is responsible for making the decision. For instance, the grades-related appeal goes to teachers or professors. However, if the appeal is unfavorable at one level, it can make again to the successive level until it reaches the final appeal.

In such a scenario, an academic appeals attorney plays a significant role because he might have dealt with similar cases in the past.

Some issues that can be consider for making an appeal

  • Discrimination

It is one of the common issues faced by students in any educational organization. Discrimination cases may be common but complex. In your appeal, you must include that you were not rewards for the deserving grades due to discrimination bases on gender, race, color, or religion. The supporting documents should also attach to ensure that the reporting person clearly understands the situation.

  • Grade calculation or miscalculations

Many a time, students believe that they should have gained more grades than what they have been rewarded. It may also happen due to clerical error or miscalculation. In the appeal, you should mention that you want to get the grades reevaluated or recalculated.

  • Not following the policies while calculating grades 

In the appeal, the student needs to point out that the instructor did not consider the policies at the time of calculating the grades. It is also suggests that the student should mention that if the policies should have been followed, the grades would be more than what has awards. Moreover, if the instructor did not follow the policies of universities, the grades may get affects badly.

Situations when you need to submit an appeal?

  • If you have receive lower grades and you strongly believe that you deserve more, you must go for an academic appeal and get in touch with a lawyer.
  • If a decision has made to terminate your registration, you will not be able to continue your study. In this case, the decision can affect your academics and your life as a whole. It suggests contacting an attorney with immense knowledge in similar cases.
  • If the decision has been make not to certify the course that you have opt for, you should contact the responsible person and submit an appeal to review. It will affect your student life and may even ruin your career completely. An attorney can help you in the best possible way to overturn the decision and save your future.
  • If you have been dismissing for underperforming. Also, they should take it seriously and appeal against the decision. they should pinpoint the reasons for the poor performance such as family issues, poor health, or participation in extracurricular activities.
  • Also, might award a lower degree than what might you have study. For instance, if you are award a Bachelor’s degree instead of a Master’s degree. You can appeal against the decision.

What to include while making an appeal

At the time of making an appeal, you should include the following:

  • Class name, instructor’s name, and completed term 
  • Grades scored
  • The statement concludes why the grades should change. You must pick one of the reasons from the list mentioned above and elaborate.
  • Request a suitable remedy so that your grades can reevaluate. And also indicate what you believe is appropriate.

It is always a good idea to contact an attorney who has been working in this field for several years. He can review your appeal and suggest any changes if required.