With one of the largest populations in the developed world, the United States also has one of the largest service consumptions. Particularly so in the internet, phone, and cable service industry. The US has thousands of small and medium service providers, and 5 very large ones. While smaller internet and cable providers offer their services in cities and counties, larger ones cover entire states. Charter Spectrum is one of the five biggest residential cable, internet, and cable providers in America. Covering over 44 states, it remains a top choice for many American households.

A Look at The History Behind the Giant- Charter Spectrum

The company was founded in 1980 by Charles H. Leonard, based in Barry County, Michigan. Over the years till 2009, it continued to gain cable subscribers and markets. Along the way, it acquired many smaller providers. It also began to swap some of its customers with other providers like AT&T. This was an effort to offer its Spectrum internet plans with geographical continuity. Today, the provider offers high-speed internet, HD cable, and home phone services to millions of households across 44 states.

The company has seen many challenges throughout the course of its existence. While it is not as old as many many other providers, the leaders at the company understood what was needed to bring the provider into the 21st Century. The service provider has faced numerous challenges like satellite TV and internet streaming services. It even filed for Chapter 11 in 2010. However, despite many reservations, the provider has emerged stronger than ever through it all.

Prices and Deals

Residential internet, cable, and phone services can often turn out to be very pricey. The initial installation costs, plus equipment rental, plus federal, state, and local government fees can add up. This is one reason why so many people are switching to other alternatives like satellite or streaming services. The cord-cutting movement is a significant threat to many providers.

Charter Spectrum offers its services at a reduced price when clubbed in an effort to attract more subscribers. The provider believes in its ability to deliver quality services to every household. In order to make its services more appealing, it offers some of the best prices in any given area. This has been a successful strategy, earning the provider millions of customers over the last decade.

Free Installation  ‘

Installation costs can give even the most carefree subscribers pause for thought. What seems like a great deal suddenly doesn’t feel that way anymore. To make matters worse, if you’ve already entered into a contract, you cannot back out. At least not without early termination fees. But Spectrum works differently from a lot of other providers. It offers free installation on bundled digital services. A simple call to customer support can have you signed up in no time. The installation technicians show up promptly and help you save significant time and money.

No Contract Requirements

There are many reasons to choose Charter Spectrum as your provider for a standalone service. One of those is that the provider does not require you to enter into a contract. If you want a standalone cable, internet, or phone service at home, getting it has never been easier. That way, you can switch to Spectrum without having to worry about a long-term commitment. If you find that the service does not suit you, you can cancel your subscription without early termination fees. But this rarely happens thanks to the high quality of service.

No Costs in The Fine Print

Hidden and extra costs are always a bone of contention between subscribers and providers. Providers often do not mention things like state and federal fees when advertising their services. Others mention certain hidden costs like equipment rentals and fees in the fine print. In both cases, subscribers often sign up for what they think is a lower price. But when their first bill comes inclusive of all these costs, there is often frustration and anger. But not with Spectrum. Unlike many other competitors, the internet and cable provider does not have any hidden fees. The prices remain the same in every area it covers, so you don’t have to worry about paying more than others.

Great Customer Support

The provider has a reputation for placing its customers first. This translates into their excellent customer support function. The provider makes every effort to have representatives in place to deal with any service problems that might arise. These reps are knowledgeable and aim to help you solve any issues you might have, such as with your Spectrum bundle deals. With a proven history of meeting customer needs, rest assured your service is in good hands.