Today almost all cities around the world are under either total or partial lockdown. This lockdown is not forever because when this COVID-19 pandemic ends then, all businesses will open. But businesses have to be careful and hire commercial cleaning companies Atlanta to make cleaning preparations.

Preparations for businesses after COVID-19

After the Coronavirus is over, the businesses can start over, but still, they have to be extra careful because this is the time when the virus could relapse. So it is wise for businesses to be extra cautious than during the real-time of the pandemic.

Person holding a mop pail
Image of person holding mop pail and man cleaning floor

Educating about COVID-19

This means that not only the staff and employees should be educated but also the clients, customers, and other patrons must be informed. The businesses can put up posters that instruct various hygiene guidance. Also, the availability of soap, water, and hand sanitizer is a priority.

Allow the sick Staff leaves.

The practice of sending the sick or suspected sick staff to home should be adopted even after the Coronavirus ends. Even the employees having simple flu and common cold must be sent home to take full rest until they have fully recovered.

Use other modes of communication.

Businesses should always try to make communication between employees and clients to the minimum. The contact between them should only be when it is necessary. Many video apps can make communication easy. If meeting in person is necessary, then a distance of 3 feet is mandatory.

Follow strict safety protocols.

Make sure that the employees are washing hands more frequently as they usually do. This handwashing should not only be with water, but also soap or hand wash must be used. The customers should be requested to do the same whenever they can.

Know when to use hand sanitizer

The hand sanitizer is used when there is no availability of water. Many people think that hand sanitizers can be used in the place of water and soap. But when there are soap and water avail, then hand sanitizer should not be used.

Manage the flow of work

The staff and employees who can manage their work from home; do not need to come to offices. This is a right way of answering the question of how to prevent Coronavirus. The employees who are bound to come; can be divided into three shifts.

Hire the best commercial cleaning companies Atlanta

Before the businesses open to the public when the pandemic is over, the management has to make sure that the place and the employees have no signs of the COVID-19. The best thing they can do is hire commercial cleaners like Jan Pro Atlanta so that they provide the following services.

Using recommended disinfectants

The best disinfectants that are recommended WHO and other health organizations around the world contain specific chemicals and ingredients like the EnviroShield® System that are incredibly effective in minimizing the spread of Coronavirus. The products must contain sodium hypochlorite, isopropyl alcohol, bleach, quaternary ammonium compounds, and hydrogen peroxide.

Wipe every surface at least twice

The commercial cleaning businesses either buy the products having the ingredients mentioned above or they have trained staff that can make their own. Whatever product is used, it has to be applied to everything at least twice. This application can be more times than the client’s demand.

The surfaces should be dried completely

Viruses are more vulnerable to wet surfaces. Their growth is faster on watery surfaces rather than on drier ones. So after cleaning the things with disinfectants, make sure that cleaners have wiped dry everything thoroughly. As it is less likely that viruses develop in dried places.

Sanitize the most touched areas

There are certain areas and things in every commercial building that are touched by everyone. These are the doorknobs and handles, keyboards, mouse, elevator buttons, trolleys, and other various types of machinery. These things and areas must be sanitized the most.

Don’t share things

The commercial cleaners must remind their clients to warn their employees that the COVID-19 can spread when the staff uses things that belong to others. Always keep the things used by the employees to themselves. This can also prevent the spread afterwards as well.

Dispose of the waste materials

Many people are of the view that there will be less use of cleaning companies after the pandemic ends. But it is a wrong concept as the services of the cleaners have to be hired. Especially for the disposal of different kinds of waste materials.

Keep the cleaning supplies always available

It is in the services of the commercial cleaning businesses that they have kept the cleaning supplies in the commercial building full.

Proper screening of the workers

The companies have to make sure that the employees and staff members don’t have the COVID-19. The screening must be done after every two or three weeks.

A deep clean before opening the business

Lastly before the proper opening of the business a thorough and deep clean has to be done by commercial cleaning companies Atlanta; to make sure that the building is safe for the clients and customers.