Kitchens have become an intersection between the living room and dining area, helping people enjoy their hosting experience in a royal style. The first thing anyone can inquire about is the number of walls required in this space when it comes to the design. Any wall holding the main structure of the house and utility connections will stay in its place unless you aim for a significant transformation. If there is no constraint, you can pull down any internal wall to embrace a new look. Nowadays, single-wall kitchens are a hit because they create a sense of openness. You can extend it to L and U shape, too, if you wish.

Removing walls can, however, lead to less storage space. Still, if you are keen on it, you can utilize a kitchen island and bar for this purpose. These surfaces can double as a food prep surface, table, and eating corner. Some of them can have prep sinks, removable drawers, trash cans, shelves, etc.

In American kitchens, lighting is the main highlight, not just from the view of functionality but style and range too. That’s why you get varieties like task, general, and accent. Using these combinations in the right proportion can lead to efficient illumination in the room. An oversize pendant lamp or chandelier can be the primary lighting type in the kitchen and other areas. Task lighting should go in places where you spend a considerable amount of time completing a chore. Suppose there is a popular farm washbasin from Kraus in one corner. Your task light should adorn this place along with cooking and prepping zones. The decorative lights can serve cabinet areas.

Let’s explore some more insights on decorating your kitchen for a modern look and higher efficiency.

Modern American kitchen ideas

A modern kitchen interior theme can benefit from many options in colors, patterns, and materials. A monochrome-themed kitchen, for example, can look great with gray high-gloss furniture. You can style it more with stainless steel appliances resting inside the closet doors to maintain a streamlined appearance. Countertops can be clutter-free with clever cabinet designs. However, this interior decoration suits loft kitchens more. The bare brick walls or oversized windows, wooden touches, and mute colors can mellow down the strong appeal of the stainless steel units.

If you like to invite guests over lunch or dinner, you may want a dining-in kitchen, which has been another trend this year. You can build stylish closets to stash most of the things for a clean and attractive backdrop. Is there enough square footage? You can use the spare area for the bar and seats. When not used for eating, you can do other works on the surface. You can buy pre-designed bars with wheels or customize an island based on your kitchen size. Make sure you choose a suitable space and spot for them. Kitchen islands need enough clearance around them. When you arm them with chairs or stools, you would want to allocate additional space for convenience and effectiveness.

Trending kitchen shapes

Kitchen habits can help you decide this – whether you need a design to support your socialization or daily chores. If you and your friends like to catch up over a quick drink, adding a small bar can be excellent. A pint-sized kitchen may not afford a large bar area. So you can go with something with two stools. The bar table can be separate from the central kitchen table, but it should be adjacent. Or, you can install a parallel bar to the leading worktop if you cannot have island space. Some people integrate the bar area into the u-shape kitchen with countertops and sidewalks. They maintain the same color scheme everywhere.

If you don’t have walls in the kitchen, the L-shape design can look perfect. However, imagining a bar fixed to the wall can be a problem in this scenario. But you can overcome this design hurdle by getting a sizeable independent table. Some people chose floating bar concepts. They extended the bar table from the wall. It didn’t have any bottom cabinets to keep a sense of fluidity and airiness.

Small kitchenette

Many homes come with small cooking spaces that benefit from compact designs. People approach minimalism without compromising with aesthetics in these cases. The use of wooden countertop, classic paint color, and others are testimony to this. Since the flow of movement is vital in these spaces, they utilize curves to give a sense of direction. The curvy shapes are also safe for young kids. Kitchens with narrow and dark corners did away with walls to get more space, light, etc. Consider adding sliding or glass doors between the kitchen and living room if you follow the same thing.

Rustic kitchen decor

Consider kindling a country-side charm in your kitchen with the wooden countertop, shelves for wine bottles, and so on. Accessorizing it right can help you get the retro vibe along with ensuring uniformity. You can build your island in dark stained wood for an impression. Make sure other countertops are different colors or surfaces. For example, worktops can be black granite and cabinets white. You can equip the bar area with vintage-looking stools to add some personality. For this, you can check iron designs that go well with white cabinets. Some people tapped homely feel in this theme by choosing a striking color for the island while the surroundings were neutral. Rounded up this look with sculpture-style pendants, elegant doors, and mix-and-match units.

These trends show the types of kitchen styles you can pursue in your home improvement project. While you don’t have to mimic everything, you can note down a few exciting highlights and use some additional features from your end to create a fresh design. Remember, your kitchen space, location, and feel will ultimately matter in this. No matter what you select, your choice has to justify its presence in your cooking zone. Else, the effort will not yield the desired results. You can hire professionals for consultation. Their experience and knowledge can help you see through your choices.