If you’re here, you either want to start vaping, or you are prepared to upgrade from a closed all in one vaping set up to an advanced, customizable solution. If you’re going to meet your needs on your terms, choosing the right starter kit is crucial. Ultimately, you can make or break your vaping experience in general with the unique elements of yours vape pen starter kit.

The world of vaping devices today can be overwhelming. You can be confident that your new setup will fulfill those vaping needs.

What’s a Starter Kit?

Let’s first explain shortly what vape pen starter kit is for those who don’t know the term. A starter kit is a complete setup.  A complete kit includes a mod, an atomizer/tank, a coil, and a battery. In many instances there is a freebase e-liquid.


A mod is the first thing you will need. There are mostly two mods you can choose from for sub-ohm vaping.

Type 1: box mod: more traditional because it’s capable of producing large-scale fogs. See, the higher the device’s wattage, the heavier the clouds. Box mods are sufficiently robust to provide extremely high wattage rates.

Type 2: Mod pen-style: It just looks like a dense pen, as the name suggests. Such mods are more user-friendly and compact, but not as powerful as box mods.

Pick your mod wisely. Today’s mods have a wide variety of features and specifications, so make sure you choose one that suits your needs.


Although some of the new sub-ohms use built-in batteries, most still use lithium-ion batteries that have to be bought separately. A box mod usually takes two 18650 batteries, whereas a pen mod takes one. Be aware too, that certain sub-ohm mods work better with 20500 or 21700 batteries, so be sure to read the manufacturer’s description

You must pick a trusted manufacturer’s batteries. The batteries should be of good quality and very powerful to satisfy your device’s demands.

Sub-Ohm Tank

Let’s talk about tanks now. A sub-ohm setup needs a sub-ohm tank that is a cylindrical tank with a large center coil segment. Sub-ohm tanks have a relatively high capacity for e-liquid because every single hit uses a lot of juice.

Look for a tank sub-ohm that uses Pyrex glass, because it’s resistant to your coil’s high heat. Go with a reliable manufacturer always. In most sub-ohm vapers, a sub-ohm tank is used that can accommodate a minimum of 5ml of juice so that it does not have to be refilled so often.

Sub-Ohm Coils

When you use a sub-ohm vape pen starter kit, you will need sub-ohm coils. The wattage level of a device explicitly refers to each coil’s specific resistance level. The higher the wattage, the lower the resistance level of the coil needs to be, and therefore sub ohms use coils with levels of resistance less than 1ohm.

The bulk of sub-ohm tanks come from the same manufacturer as sub-ohm coils. We strongly suggest that you buy the coils made compatible with your tank.

Atomizer Coil

Vape kits typically use premade coils. Coils use the mod-generated electricity to heat the e-liquid into vapor. With coils, you have different strength levels, so make sure that you know what works best with your package. More advanced tanks are used with user-built coils and dab rigs but retain the disposable coils while you learn the basics of your mod


Wicking is your premade atomizer coil, which is used to absorb and then move the juice into the coil to vaporize. This is typically organic cotton. Wicking doesn’t always stay fresh and is often why the coils go bad. Think of heating cotton all the time— it will inevitably deteriorate.

Freebase E-Juice

Of course, the last thing you would need is freebase e-juice. You can choose whatever you want. You may select a variety of delicious flavors with the highest expectations in mind.

A vape starter pack or full vape kit is one of the best values to find. Such kits contain all you need to start vaping. Simply add your desired e-liquid and enjoy your vape. The best vape mod starter kit combines an improved mod with an advanced tank of the same brand. You can reap some advantages when you buy complete starter kits online. First of all, kits frequently contain all the things you need at a lower price. Secondly, you can be sure that all the items in a package are compatible and work together.