Compressive Guide For Traffic Rules And Regulations In Australia

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Are you used to driving cars on the left, similar to the UK? If yes, then driving on the Australian roads would not be much difficult for you. Even if you know driving and are aware of the general traffic rules, still, it would be better if you have in-depth information about Australian traffic regulations. In case you encounter an uncertain situation in which you are not at fault, get in touch with the traffic lawyers, Perth, as they can extend the desired assistance in such occasions.

Compressive Guide For Traffic Rules And Regulations In AustraliaImportant Traffic rules and regulations in Australia that you much follow while driving:-

  • Keep Your Driving License With You

While driving on Australian roads, make sure that you have a driving license. In case you have a driving license that’s in a different language apart from English, apply for an International Driving Permit and get it first. In no way, you must drive without having a license.

  • Do Not Drink And Drive

You should never drive a vehicle after drinking alcohol as it can lead to severe injuries to you and the other person. In Australia, random breath testing is usual, and penalties are high if you are caught in harsh driving. The legal limit of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in New South Wales is 0.02, and in Australia, it is 0.05.

  • Stick To The Left Lane

Do you seem to be confused when you see there is more than one lane? Well, while driving, if you come across roads with more lanes, stick to the left lane. Stop changing the lanes frequently as it might confuse the other people also. It is one of the reasons why accidents take place, and in the end, you need to appoint a traffic lawyers Perth. Therefore, to avoid such a situation, stick to the leftmost lane, and while overtaking, you can change it.

  • Stop Beeping Your Horn Unnecessarily

There is no point in beeping the horn if it’s not required. Beeping the horn is done to warn the other drivers, so doing it unnecessarily can distract others and create noise pollution. Therefore, it’s better to avoid using a horn when it’s not needed.

  • Be Informative About The Changing Limits

In Australia, many residential places have now imposed limits of 50 km/hr., and around schools, it’s 25 to 40 km/hr. at certain hours. While driving, you will come across signage indicating the limit that you need to maintain. Keep an eye on that to avoid committing mistakes. In 2019, an increase of around 5% has been experienced in road accidents compared to 2018. If the traffic rules are not maintained, the numbers will increase. Therefore, it’s highly important to keep track of every traffic rule to avoid accidents.

  • Do Not Drive While Speaking On The Phone

Many people are there who are confident about driving and do not give much importance to the traffic rules. It is one of the aspects when they commit mistakes. Some people seem to be so careless that they start playing with their smartphones while driving. It’s obvious to get calls while driving, so you must park your car at the side of the road and take the call.

  • No U-turn At A Traffic Signal

In some traffic signals, taking a U-turn is breaking a traffic rule. You will come across signs revealing that you cannot take a U-turn here. To know about such things, you need to drive and keep a note of all such things. Do not take a U-turn where it’s illegal; otherwise, you might need to face the consequences.

  • Wear Seat Belts

At all times, seat belts must be worn by everyone present in the vehicle. However, the driver must check that everyone is wearing a seat belt. Alongside that, seven-year-old children must be prohibited, in booster seats.

  • Australian Climate And Weather

In case you are going to a new location, it would be better to collect some details about that place like how the roads and weather are. In rough terrain areas of Australia, the roads may not be smooth, and if you do not possess excellent driving skills, encountering an accident would not take time. Additionally, you must adjust the speed of the vehicle according to the road conditions and weather. Unfortunately, if you come across uncertain situations due to someone else careless driving, take some help from the lawyers.

Signing Off!

The alarming rate of accidents on Australian roads is one of the causes to worry. Keeping the above traffic rules and regulations will help you avoid encountering an uncertain situation. Even if you experience one, the traffic attorney is there to assist you. He will ensure that the driver committing the offense might get a demerit point subtracted. Alongside this, they will need to bear the penalties and expenses that you have suffered from. The best way to safeguard you is to follow the traffic rules and file for compensation if it’s not your fault.

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