Living in a contemporary condo & apartment without alluring paint colors is utterly boring. Every owner dreams about the perfect condo painting toronto and imagines distinctive wall painting colors that go great with furniture. In fact, everyone visualizes the enticing paint colors they see on magazines or Pinterest.

Nonetheless, choosing the most pleasing color palette for your condo and apartment is quite tricky, and the ultimate decision becomes more challenging for the small unit. Undoubtedly, white is one of the most common wall paints, and almost every homeowner chooses it to avoid the hard work of selecting other paint colors.

But don’t you think sticking with one paint color (i.e., white) is pretty tedious? Indeed, it is.

So, it is always recommended to go for Condo Painting Toronto after proper research. It is absolutely fine if you want to avoid this complicated task of choosing the right paint color. Here in the present discussion, we are pointing-up the most fantastic paint colors for your apartment and condos. Undoubtedly, selecting these colors will give a completely new and striking look to your living space. No matter if you are looking for dark shades or want to try something bold this time, we have listed-down so many color palettes to play with.

Let’s explore them together!!!

  • Dark Blue

Usually, small spaces are considered perfect to create an everlasting impact. Without any doubt, dark shades are the finest choice for small apartments, including studios. So, the selection of dark blue shade for Condo is an excellent choice because it makes small spaces look larger. The condos are generally smaller in size, so the dark blue shade doesn’t overpower the entire space.

Hence, you can expand your condo’s size without expanding it in reality. Obviously, it is possible by plumping for a dark blue shade for your cozy apartment or condo.

  • Earthy Ochre

‘Earthy Ochre,’ the unique name says it all. Interestingly, the selection of this luxurious shade makes your condo look chic and posh. In reality, it is a wonderful choice for your living rooms. This hue always gives a natural, earthy feel, and your apartment looks serene. Earthy Ochre like taupe refreshes the mood and brings calmness in the room. You can use a subtle combination of tan paint with duck egg blue and light grey shade as all these shades complement each other.

If you want to try a hue that gives a complete peaceful impact every time you visit your condo, then choosing Earthy Ochre is an unparalleled choice.

  • Sage

It is an ideal choice for space by the window. You can opt for the light mossy green shade with a subtle grey combination as it gives super cool vibes in summer. But in winter, this incredible shade provides a glimmer of hope that winter will be ended soon and spring is about to start. It is also an elegant choice as you can invite your colleagues for dinner and we are sure they will admire your exceptional choice.

  • Silver

As we discussed earlier, dark shades (obviously of wall painting) make your smaller space look more extensive than its original size. So, considering silver shade for your condo is a modern, chic, and graceful choice. Moreover, dark shades give a cozy feel too. You can also try a light grey shade and complement it with contemporary or conventional furniture. The choice is all yours because your preferences decide if you want some fashionable touch-up or still old-school thoughts to satisfy you. Precisely, silver is just the ultimate choice and an immense alternate to having a beige or white wall paint.

  • Crisp White

Crisp white is one of the most popular choices worldwide. In fact, the white color signifies peace, love, harmony, and tranquillity. So, selecting this shade gives an entirely different comfort every time you step into your living area. Another fantastic thing about this hue is that it is comforting and dazzling at the same time. You can use it with multiple soft shades, including light grey, as it assures magical results.

You can use it in the living room to enjoy calming, peaceful and relaxing vibes. Undeniably, the thought of sitting in the room with crisp white painted walls gives an entirely different excitement.

  • Super White

Again, if you are not a true admirer of dark tints, then picking Super White shade is the perfect choice for you. This hue makes your room look more prominent, and magically the ceiling looks higher too. Almost every other real estate agent recommends white paint for the walls, especially when you think about staging your home. Interestingly, white painted walls get better attention of the buyers when you consider selling your home.

If you are planning to sell your condo or apartment, choose the super white shade. This shade better grabs the attention as it makes your home look tidy and clean. And no surprise everyone wants to buy a tidy home.

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  • Beige

You can never entitle this shade as an out-dated paint color because this classy shade always looks trendy. This color is the best choice for bedrooms, kitchen, and powder room. If you have elegant wooden furniture at your home, go for Beige shade without any second thought. Nevertheless, if you don’t have enough idea about Beige shade, you can assist professional painters as they can prefer the finest paint that looks great in your home.

  • Green

Generally, people think green isn’t an excellent choice for a condo, but it’s wrong. The right green hue implies enthusiasm, energy, and passion. This shade has excellent connectivity with nature, so it gives a relaxed and contented ambiance. You can go for green shade for kids’ rooms as this vibrant hue doubles their joy and fun.

Bottom Line

Assuredly, the shades mentioned above are fantastic for your condo. You can pick any of them as per your preferences. So, give a completely different look to your condo and hire professional painters now.