Students not with parents support:-

The office for students giving regularly briefing about how the universities and colleges are trying to help their students during the COVID-19 pandemic and the office is usually working with universities, colleges and other stakeholders. In their briefing, they do not give advice or guidance but providing the information about the practical approach of universities and colleges that how they are trying to support those students who have no family to support them during the course of this pandemic and onwards.

Students who have no parents who may support them can face many different kinds of difficulties, and this pandemic can make things even worse for these students. As they have no home to where they can go and isolate themselves so this shows that they have accommodation difficulties. And they are also in a situation as they have no financial support and lost their jobs overnight due to this pandemic. They are thinking without finances how they will able to buy their food and pay the bills of some other stuff. And they are in worry about how they will survive if this pandemic continues for an extended time. As many of their friends have gone to from where they came from, they are in doubt that, if they would get ill who will take care of them. After the closure of the school, the future students for 2020-21 are in a doubt that how they will get information about admission to colleges and universities.

Portrait of young asian student wear mask looking at camera holding notebook or tablet in arm in concept come back or return to school, school reopening and unlock after covid or coronavirus outbreak.

The student without family and higher education:-

Students who are in higher education not represented adequately represented. A tiny percentage of care leavers go to higher education, like in 2019 only 6% of them started higher education, and this number is too low as compared to other students whose number is 42%. The students who have no family to support them have very little participation due to these universities and colleges have trying to make up their minds to get a higher education. In this way, their number may increase. This is not just because of support they don’t enroll the care leavers have to do everything for themselves; that’s why they have to withdraw their courses. The official age of care leaving is 18 in England, but the children of 16 years of age can also leave the care. When they leave the care, the term care leavers use for them. Whatever the age group it doesn’t matter; they all are treated like children and the local authorities look after them. Essay help UK also plays an important role in helping these students with a financial crisis and without family and offering reasonable prices within their budget for different assignments help.

If we talk about the legal terms of care leavers then, it is those groups of children who had experienced care, and now they have no one to support them as they left the care and many of them start their higher education.

The office for students is trying to provide the same support to estranged and care experienced students just like care leavers.

COVID-19 Impact:-

The difficulties have been worsening as the new ones are also on their way due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A small survey wall conducted in the United Kingdom during the first week of lockdown in which only 251 estranged and care leaver students participated. During this survey, the care leaver and estranged students were so much worried about their study as well as finances as they had lost their part-time jobs overnight.

Financial situation:-

Almost 62 percent of students who participated in the survey was too much worried about their finances as they have to pay to get food and some other essentials. The students who were living in rented apartments worried about their accommodation as they don’t have any finances to pay the rent. Due to the lockdown, everything is closed, including the places where they use to do part-time jobs such as small shops, stores, etc.

Government has announced financial support and also issued orders to universities and colleges to provide every kind of help to those students who are without the aid of family. And the Office for Students is also trying to make sure that universities, colleges, and other stakeholders to provide proper support to care leavers as well as estranged students. And this is providing adequate assistance to institutions that how they will use their funds to help these students during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of this kind of supporting initiatives, these students can survive this difficult time.

Admissions to universities and colleges:-

The management of universities and colleges is working with ideas about how they make the admission process smooth for care leavers so that they can get higher education and will able to make their future bright and shine. And the companies which provide loans to students are also trying to approach care leaver students to apply for the loan early so that they can get their payments on time and they don’t have to wait. Before the start of the term, some institutions are providing assistance and guiding sessions virtually so that prospective students may come to know what it feels like to be in university and how to do things there.


The office for students is trying to make this compulsory how universities and colleges have to help and support care leavers during this pandemic. They have taken all the necessary measures on how to provide help and support to these care leaver students so that they do not have to worry about isolation, finance, and the accommodation too. And to guide and help the future prospective students’ virtual assistance has been developed by taking into consideration this pandemic.

The issues we are facing now not only one to worry about because this pandemic is worsening day by day and maybe in there can be some more challenging situations emerge. The office for students is working with different charity and government organizations so that any situation can be evaluated and sorted before its worsening. The unions of universities, colleges, and students are trying to combat any kind of problem when it emerges, or the issues which care, leavers, are already facing. Due to this support, we can say that care leavers will be able to survive this period.