The entire humanity is in combat with the COVID-19. But the virus itself continues to grapple the major sports events supposed to be held this year. The prevailing critical and worrisome circumstances don’t allow these major sports events to happen at all. If the events cannot be postponed, or canceled, the only way out then is to let the events happen without the fans and the crowd. The authorities and sports executives are putting all the aspects on the table to get along with the decisiveness. From a business perspective, the event might only nudge the loss regardless of who wins and who loses. But let be clear, business perspective is a factor but it isn’t the priority. Human life is the priority above all other factors pertaining to an event. The authorities simply cannot allow the audience no matter how much preparations are made. Even then the entire stadium is wearing the mask, Prescription Glasses, and gloves, still, the threat looms. Based on post-pandemic consequences, some major sports events are in the spotlight of these consequences.

§  2020 Ryder Cup – Postponed.

The 2020 Ryder cup has been postponed twelve months because of the coronavirus pandemic; organizers have confirmed. The biennial competence between golfers from the United States and Europe was scheduled to take place at Whistling Straits, Wisconsin on 25-27 September. But will now occur next yr. from 24-26 September. Next Ryder cups will now fall in consecutive years, i.e. in 2022 in Rome transferring to 2023. And the successor event at Farmingdale, New York now will be happening in 2025. The President’s Cup became also slated for September. It has also been postponed by a year. In a statement, organizers said: “The selection to reschedule the Ryder cup changed based totally on steering ailment and prevention.”

§  NCAA Women’s Volleyball Cup.

NCAA Women’s Volleyball Cup was scheduled for the year 2020. It was supposedly happening in September 2020. But the recent statement from the Organizers of the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Cup tells a whole new story. They have officially requested the board to cancel the present all schedules. They have also requested the board to reschedule the event in spring 2021. The requests made by the organizers of the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Cup now fall into the court of Board Members of the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Cup. The request was solely made on the precautions and pinnacle of the prevailing pandemic. The possibility of the cancellation of the events is far too vivid. The sources close to the board members are saying that the board is reluctant to let the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Cup happen this year which means it would surely happen in spring 2021.

§  French Open.

French Open was postponed earlier this year to be happened in late September of this year continuing to the 4th of October. But the French Open is once again going to be postponed. This event is no longer facing the odds of happening. Bernard Giudicelli, an organizer from the French Open, said in an interview that the organizers and board members are considering two viable options. As contemporary circumstances dictate, the event might go without the audience. The ultimate option in this regard is to give the call to postpone until the next viable scheduling plan comes at handier circumstances. If somehow you are expecting to make a purchase of Glasses Online to entertain the live rev of event, just quit it. The event isn’t occurring though.

§  Euro 2020.

The 24-Team Championship that was supposed to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of UEFA is no longer in the schedule list. The EURO 2020 has been, as per the announcement of the UEFA board members, postponed to July 2021. These hand-picked dates are June 11 to July 11. This is the recent advancement made on UEFA’s Euro Cup 2020 so far. The decision was incurred in a video conference on account of 55 federations simultaneously present at the conference. According to the majority of the participants of 55 member federations, the postponement of the UEFA’s EURO Cup was the only viable and the safest option so far.

§  Copa America.

Copa America was announced to occur in 2020, to be explicit from June 12 to July 12. But the recent announcement of the Organizers of Copa America states that the event isn’t happening in Argentina and Columbia due to the health precautions. Both were the scheduled destinations of the events. But the board has so far made the announcement validated. It was a nudging blow to the football fans. Following the statement of CONMEBOL, the board of Copa America has officially postponed the football event to let it happen in 2021 due to looming health and fatalities risk. Setbacks of this magnitude in the sports world are less likely anticipated.