Discovering Pinterest Ads, another possibility in the field of social advertising. Let’s learn about the peculiarities of the platform and the advantages it offers to those who decide to invest in sponsored Pins.

After Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest also offers itself to the attention of investors , marketers and small and medium-sized companies, as a complementary promotional channel. In this guide, we explain how a Sponsored Pin is created and what specific characteristics Pinterest Ads have.

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  • Social marketing: not just Facebook, Pinterest Ads
  • Pinterest Ads campaign: features and benefits
  • How do Pinterest Ads work? Preliminary steps to promote a Pin
  • Pinterest campaign: goal, audience, budget
  • Pinterest Ads: how to set your budget
  • Promoted pins: which type to choose?

Social marketing: not just Facebook, Pinterest Ads

For marketers, the search for new promotion channels is an essential activity. It is also the case for those who, owner of a brand or supplier of a service, want to remain competitive in a market increasingly dependent on digital. Given that Facebook’s numbers are unapproachable both in terms of users (2.3 billion on a monthly basis), and in the number of advertisers (over 7 million active advertisers for an advertising value of 16.6 billion dollars), no complementary possibility should be neglected in order to diversify the advertising budget .

So let’s see what opportunities Pinterest offers thanks to its For Business features: social media born in 2010 and which boasts about 300 million users worldwide , of which – according to the latest reports presented – about 1.5 million advertisers. In the absence of official data provided by the platform, it is estimated that between 4 and 8 million Italian ‘ pinners ‘, that is the users and creators of message boards with photos, videos and images: real catalogs of thematic content that can be searched and shared.

Growing numbers that represent an opportunity to intercept audiences interested in new proposals for products and services: 93% of users, in fact, stated that they use this social network for inspiration in purchasing.

Pinterest Ads campaign: features and benefits

On March 7, 2019 Pinterest has decided to propose its own program Pay Per Click , effectively throwing competitors like Facebook and Instagram for social campaigns. By comparing some specific characteristics, we can highlight the following pros and cons:

Advantages Pinterest Ads

  • The promotional campaign on Pinterest would allow to increase clicks by 20% compared to organic content;
  • Less competition compared to promo campaigns on Google and Facebook;
  • Simple interface , especially for those who already have experience with Facebook Business Manager ;
  • Possibility to select keywords to facilitate the search of the public.

Disadvantages Pinterest Ads

  • Significantly lower user numbers than Facebook , Google, but also Instagram (over 1 billion active users per month);
  • Greater potential for certain business sectors – such as furniture, food, beauty etc. – respect to others;
  • Results still to be studied analytically, waiting for the platform to provide official and detailed reports on the effectiveness of its Ads.

How do Pinterest Ads work? Preliminary steps to promote a Pin

To start using Ads on Pinterest, two preliminary operations are required:

create a company account : to do this, you can transform your personal account into a business profile. Access the “ Pinterest for Business ” section and click on the red button to proceed; then modify the data indicating the type of company, entering the company name and contacts, connecting the official website of the activity.

To make the transition operational, accept the corporate TOS agreement and the Privacy Policy. From ” Change settings ” you can upload your logo (recommended size 165 x 165 pixels) and add all the ” Information ” necessary to outline your business, remembering to always click on ” Save settings “.

check the site : from ” Settings ” choose ” Profile ” and click on ” Confirm website “, then copy and paste the HTML code, which is provided on the home page of your site and complete the steps with ” Finish “.

Pinterest campaign: goal, audience, budget

After setting up the company account on Pinterest, we are ready to create our first ad by simply logging into Ads Manager → Create Ad. Then comes the ‘beauty’, namely the planning of the campaign according to the strategic parameters required by the platform: objective, audience and budget. Let’s see them in detail.

Pinterest Ads: goals

Traffic : Allows you to drive visits to the site and you pay by the number of clicks (CPC).

Brand awareness : we set it when we want to expand the number of people to whom we can introduce our brand and make use of the related products and services. The campaign has a cost calculated for every 1,000 impressions of the Pin.

Video Views : The focus is on having the maximum number of people viewing our promotional video from start to finish. Remember that video marketing is one of the most effective tools for engaging the public, whether we highlight the strengths of a fashion accessory, or show how to furnish a room with recycled objects. You will also need to pay attention to the formatting of the content , because videos can be the same size in width as a Pin, or larger dimensions corresponding to two Pins.

App installation : the goal is to have the company app installed and not only and the cost will be based on the number of impressions.

Conversions : the purpose of this campaign is to lead the user to perform a specific action. To set this goal, you must have had at least 50 conversions in the last 7 days, with a traffic / brand awareness campaign.

Commercial catalogs : this is a campaign that follows the Facebook dynamic ads. The goal is to promote product groups to relevant audiences by linking your online product catalog to Pinterest.

Pinterest Ads: Choose your target audience

The choice of your reference niche can follow two paths: a specific audience among users who have already interacted with our Pins, or a new audience based on the categories proposed by Pinterest. These are the 4 types of public that can be identified:

  • People who interacted with your Pins on Pinterest;
  • People who have already visited your site;
  • People who are part of customer lists;
  • Persons similar to an already existing public directory and having similar interests and behaviors.

Pinterest Ads: how to set your budget

How much should you invest in the Ads campaign on Pinterest? The platform allows you to set the maximum daily budget that we want to spend on online ads , or the total budget from the beginning to the end of the promotion. You will also have the possibility to set a maximum bid, regardless of whether the goal is calculated by number of impressions, clicks, total conversions etc.

What to watch out for in the promotional campaign on Pinterest?

In addition to the correct management of the key elements of the advertising campaign, for an effective promotion we draw your attention to two other aspects of Pinterest Ads:

ad placement : you can choose whether to display the ad in the users’ feed , or when your audience explores related Pins, or whether to show them in both positions to ensure maximum visibility.

keywords : remember to add the keywords to associate with the brand / product you are promoting. Pinterest keywords require more creativity than those used for promo campaigns on Google. The advice is to be guided by the suggestions of the platform that can also be used to appear in similar searches.

Promoted pins: which type to choose?

Choosing which Pins to promote with Pinterest ads is a key step in setting up a successful campaign. One of the most immediate solutions is to invest in the most popular Pins with the highest engagement rate . In truth, every Pin contained on our board is potentially promotable as long as it respects the guidelines of the platform:

The selected Pin must be saved in your profile and it is not possible to use Pins saved in secret boards.

It cannot include third-party videos, photos or GIFs, because the contents must be the sole property of the publisher.

Each Pin must enclose a destination URL to a particular site and this URL cannot contain link abbreviations. NB The destination site can also be that of sponsored Pins of apps that have the same display as a normal Pin, but which by clicking lead for example to the iTunes Store or Google Play page. To use this feature you will need to choose ” App installation ” as your campaign goal.

At this point – after choosing the right Pin for a specific target audience, after setting the daily / total budget and setting your goal among those available – you just have to do one last check before publishing your first ad Pinterest Ads, by clicking on the ” Launch ” button .