Today we will share 4 essential criteria to choose the ideal yoga outfit. Did you know that some people practice Yoga completely naked? If however, this option does not tempt you too much, you will have to find yourself a Yoga outfit ! Do you want to find the perfect outfit to be comfortable and feel good? I had a lot of questions when I was looking for my own outfit and I fumbled around a lot to find the perfect outfit! I would like to share my experience with you and help you in your choice . So before you rush into any sports store and pick out your outfit in 5 minutes flat, read this article so you can make an informed decision that you won’t regret!

The composition of your yoga outfit
To create your Yoga outfit, you are going to need 3 main pieces:


Below you’ll find out how to choose each piece, focusing on the most important aspects.

There are also items that you will not need and that you will leave in your bag to practice Yoga. You guessed ? This is your jewelry and your watch if you wear it! You probably like them in everyday life, but on the mat they will only weigh you down and hamper your movement. Even if your jewelry is very Yoga, like the two examples below, still remember to remove it before starting your practice!

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4 Essential Criteria To Choose The Ideal Yoga Outfit

Without further suspense, discover the 4 essential criteria that your Yoga outfit must have to be on top.

The 4 essential criteria for the perfect yoga outfit
The right “breath ability”
The style
Value for money

For details, it’s here …

1. Comfort

The goal is to find a comfortable Yoga outfit that will be completely forgotten and that will allow you to concentrate on your practice . A good yoga outfit must be 100% suitable for movement! That’s why we don’t practice Yoga in jeans! You will often see in the composition of the clothes that there is elastane, thanks to it, your capacity of movement will be more important. In addition, your Yoga outfit should not block your blood circulation, nor tighten you too much .

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Here’s the look you don’t want to have at all when you put on your Yoga outfit:

2. Breath ability

Your Yoga outfit should allow you to stay dry even during your most intense movements . That’s why you need to find a material that offers good breath ability, that is to say able to retain your perspiration . Depending on your preferences, you can opt for natural materials (cotton or bamboo in particular) or synthetic.

Of course, it all depends on how you sweat. In any case, if you are the type to sweat a lot, pay even more attention to this criterion!choose the ideal yoga outfit

And be even more vigilant if you practice best Yoga or any other “Hot Yoga” because otherwise you will literally cook in your clothes. Believe me, it’s not very pleasant …

3. The style

Of course, you don’t come to Yoga class to indulge in a fashion show! But if you manage to find a Yoga outfit that you also visually appeal to, then you are going to feel better about your body every time you practice Yoga. Depending on your mood for the day, you may want either a sober, solid color and maybe dark leggings, or a much more funky and original leggings.

Here is what some fashionable Yoga leggings can look like:

The more you like your Yoga outfit, the more often you will want to take it out of the closet and wear it on your mat!

By the way, speaking of Yoga mats, if you have not yet chosen yours or if the time has come to replace it, I suggest you read my article on the subject !

Let’s come back without further digressions to the theme that occupies us now: the style of your Yoga outfit.

Another important visual aspect is that of the colors . Depending on the colors you choose, you will influence your state of mind and that of the other students who will practice next to you.

3 examples:

If you choose bright colors (like red or orange) then you will more easily energize yourself. These colors can be suitable for practicing styles of Yoga;

On the other hand, for a softer practice, for example Hatha Yoga, you will undoubtedly be more comfortable in softer and more pastel colors;

If you practice Yoga, then you have probably noticed that most of the teachers and students are mostly white. No doubt because it is a soothing color that rests the eye.

Outside of the yoga, and certainly for practical reasons, white is still often rare on Yoga mats. Perhaps this is because it is a color that reveals the slightest stain or the slightest perspiration. Black or gray are popular, especially for pants , no doubt for their elegance and their more classic side.

The more you choose an elegant Yoga outfit, the more easily it will be able to adapt to your other activities if you do not have the possibility to change . Thus, you may wear your Yoga outfit at the office … or at the restaurant, or even at the bar!

One last clarification: wearing perfume, especially heady, is little appreciated during Yoga classes… To hear it…

4 Essential Criteria To Choose The Ideal Yoga Outfit

4. The price-quality ratio

You will naturally take into account the budget criterion when choosing your outfit . I would say that the amount you are going to invest depends on how often you practice .

For beginners or if you practice Yoga only occasionally, you can be satisfied with clothing offered at affordable prices. On the other hand, if you practice very often, almost every day, then you will undoubtedly want to invest a little more means in the choice of your outfit. You are going to spend a lot of time wearing it, so as much as you feel comfortable in it!

The ideal is to find parts that offer you very good value for money and that prioritize durability . If your outfit is durable, you won’t need to renew it every 6 months!

Zoom on each item of clothing making up your ideal outfit


Perhaps you are tempted to use a classic T-shirt that you simply pull out of your closet?

Here are 2 simple reasons why it wouldn’t be ideal:

A T Shirt with sleeves may keep you very warm during your session . I imagine that no one appreciates having sweat halos under their arms …

Your lambda T-Shirt is likely not to be very close to the body. Suddenly, each time you raise your arms, your T-Shirt will go up and you will be stomach up, or even you will have the T-Shirt in your nose!

You might catch a cold and choke on your T-shirt , not very pleasant, right?

It is therefore preferable to choose a top that is really suitable for the practice of Yoga .


The best choice is the suitable tank tops for sports . You can find materials that are soft to the touch and adapted cuts. If you like, you can choose a cross-back style to avoid chasing after the straps that fall! Either way, you need to be comfortable! If you feel too cramped in your top, it will compress your rib cage, and therefore your breathing, and you will not fully benefit from the effects of practicing Yoga.


In terms of the length for your top, the question of sports bras arises. You’ve probably already asked yourself the question:

“Can I practice Yoga with just a bra?” “

I would say it’s up to you !

Personally, it’s far from my usual outfit, but it happened to me occasionally, when it was very hot and the atmosphere of the country was right, for example in Brazil. In fact, in Rio, I even practiced directly in a bikini at the beach! It feels a bit weird at first, but there the relationship with the body is very different from ours and it is very common. On the other hand, when I was in India or Japan, I abstained, because I know that culturally, it would not have gone well and I had no desire to shock people around me with regard to their traditions.


For the bottom, you may have thought of bringing out the jogging pants of your teenage years or of maximizing the purchase of the one that serves as your pajamas or cocooning outfit at home? Or you might be tempted to grab your little black leggings that you always wear with your favorite dresses …ideal yoga outfit

Here again, be careful ! If you choose the jogging option, you will be hampered in the postures where you bend your legs by the folds that jogging will form. Not to mention the noise of rustling which is not very pleasant to the ear. In addition, the jogging you have is probably a bit wide, and if you wear it, your Yoga teacher will not be able to see your movements well (and neither will you!). Result: your teacher will not be able to adjust you correctly and you will not be able to check your alignments properly since jogging will hide your ankles!

Regarding the cool and light little black leggings you have, its main drawback is this: it has a very high chance of being transparent . You probably wouldn’t like your underwear to be seen through it, would you? It is therefore necessary to choose a thicker leggings and specially designed for the sport to be really comfortable! Also beware of pants that compress the stomach. You risk leaving your Yoga class feeling worse than when you arrived, which would be a shame.

Also avoid leggings which lower with each movement… The same problem of involuntary exposure of your underwear could then arise…

Here I answer you that it depends on you ! It depends first of all on your relationship with your body: Are you comfortable enough to show your legs? You have to imagine that there are a lot of postures where you are going to have your legs apart, ask yourself if you will be really comfortable in shorts . Anyway, if you find shorts a bit tacky, then maybe you can feel comfortable.

Ali, an American teacher whom I like, is all the time in mini-shorts and bra and we can see that she is completely comfortable! After that, I imagine that it evolves in a climate different from us in France where the temperature does not often exceed 18 °!

Choose The Ideal Yoga Outfit


We now approach a subject a little more personal: that of your underwear for practicing Yoga. On this point, the choice is yours more than ever.

I’ll just give you some simple tips:

. Choose underwear in a pleasant material that does not tighten you (no oppressive seams or underwire bra worthy of a corset);

. You can of course wear your regular underwear but if you want good support in the chest area (especially if you have a lot of chest size) then I recommend that you invest in a good sports bra . It should also let you breathe and not crush your rib cage while supporting your chest perfectly.

Your Yoga outfit throughout the session

To warm up your body gradually by stretching, you will probably start the session in a tank top with a small vest on top. Then, as you warm up, probably just before the Sun Salutations, you will decide to take off your little wool.

As you can see, your outfit is likely to change a bit during the session. To be prepared for any eventuality, it is good to keep your vest close to you in case you need it!

There you have it , you now know how to choose the essential pieces of your Yoga outfit . If you are like me, and you appreciate comfort and softness, then I recommend that you enrich your equipment with some accessories that will bring real added value to your practice.

Where to get your Yoga outfit?

Little extras for relaxation

When I prepare for yoga, my behavior often makes those around me laugh. I remember my training girlfriends often confused me a bit about my preparations for yoga during my training in India. You will find out why …

Ah yes, but first, a few details for those who do not know yoga . This is the complete relaxation posture that traditionally ends every Yoga class . To put it simply: you lie on your back, close your eyes, and try not to move. We take the opportunity to relax our body, relax our mind, and leave the necessary time for our body to assimilate the benefits of our practice. Yoga is a very important moment in a Yoga session, I cannot say it enough🙂

When observing a Yoga class, some students simply place themselves in the posture and enjoy what is usually the best part of the class.

The Essential Criteria To Choose The Ideal Yoga Outfit


With all these little adjustments to make, my yoga always starts a little later than that of my mat neighbors, but at least I know that I will enjoy it to the full and nothing will be able to disturb my peace of mind. 🙂

All this to tell you that depending on your preferences and your habits, you might want to keep nice warm socks close to you, maybe a cardigan or a scarf, and maybe even the famous little one. sleeping mask.

While I’m at it, I’ll tell you about the little pencil case that I always keep with me during class.

So why have a little Yoga kit and what to put in it?

Why the hell does she have a kit when to practice Yoga you only need a mat, you might say? Well, that’s because I don’t feel like having to leave the class at all if I need anything . And on top of that, I admit, I’m pretty far-sighted!


If I don’t have complete confidence in the locker room, I keep my wallet and my cell phone (on silent or off – of course) with me. Asteya (do not steal) is one of the principles of Yoga, but you can never know who you are dealing with so be careful!How To Choose Yoga Suit

I also have my homemade lipstick with me and something to blow my nose .

Next to my kit I also have a terry towel for perspiration if it is very hot . And always, summer and winter, my gourd to put water does not leave me. I drink little during practice but usually take a sip at the end of the standing postures. A sip at the end of the sitting postures, and a final little before the final relaxation. So I don’t have that feeling of a dry throat that I don’t really like.

How to maintain and make last my outfit (s)?

For the cleaning and maintenance of your outfit, read the instructions on the clothes you decide to buy to ensure the longest possible life. Be careful not to wash your equipment at too high a temperature. Not to brutalize it in the dryer to avoid damaging it.

A quick note about yoga outfits for men

Even if you are in the minority in Yoga classes (not for long?), I have not forgotten you!

I was recently chatting with one of my students, Antonio (who will recognize himself . In the problem of men’s Yoga outfits . You wonder why I call it a problem and not just a subject?

Well it’s because Antonio Explained to me that for men. There is hardly anything to put on the back to practice Yoga ! And by visualizing in my head the shelves of some shops, I realized that Antonio was right.

As much, for girls there is a profusion of leggings, bras, small cardigans, but for men! So I often see yogi men wearing some kind of jogging or sports shorts with a white T-shirt. Not very funky all that!

This is where Antonio told me that for his part he wore judo pants instead . Since martial arts pants are made for movement, they also adapt very well to Yoga. And in addition, aesthetically, they do better than the old jogging-pajamas of the house…. Here is a fallback solution, while waiting for clothing brands. To take an interest in Yoga for men and offer beautiful collections.

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